Top Eight Popular Residential Renovation Projects in the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay in the comfort of their homes. As such, they have all the time in the world to reevaluate their living spaces. Along with this is to pursue renovation projects for their residential properties. In fact, home improvement projects have significantly spiked during the pandemic.

Home Advisors can attest to the surge of these renovation projects after releasing its 2021 State of Home Spending report. Based on this, home improvement costs had risen by an average of $745 per household last year. The report shows the top renovation projects pursued in 2020 based on their overall expenditures.

Here are the top eight popular projects for residential properties during the pandemic:

1. Interior Painting

Topping the list of renovation projects is interior painting. About 35 percent of households have reported undertaking this project in 2020. Homeowners either took the DIY route or hired contractors to do the job for them. This year, you might want to consider kicking up a notch the ambiance of your home. Just be highly selective and critical of the color scheme for your interior painting. When incorporated correctly, it can transform the overall look and appearance of your house.

2. Bathroom Remodeling

Next on the list is bathroom renovations, with about 31 percent of homeowners having pursued this project. This makes sense as the bathrooms are the most used and abused at home. They ought to be updated for aesthetic and functional purposes. Gone are the days when bathrooms were for eliminating bodily waste. Today, they are considered a space for solitary refuge and relaxation. Consider turning your bathroom into a Zen room.

3. New Flooring Installation

Surprisingly, flooring installation has become apparent during the pandemic. Home Advisors reported over 25 percent of households having installed or upgraded their floors. Of course, floors have high traffic on a daily basis. This extra traffic has all the more spiked during this pandemic as families stay indoors. That said, it’s a good idea to install new flooring materials or replace your existing ones. Consider carpet, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or tile flooring.

4. Landscaping

The fourth on the list is landscaping pursued by 24 percent of homeowners last year. While 2020 was tagged the “year of the home,” 2021 is considered the year of the yard.” That said, expect the landscaping projects to soar this year. If you haven’t done so, consider taking the plunge. Obtain your landscaping supply from a reliable source for your DIY project. If not, hire a landscaping service instead.

5. Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to a home renovation project, homeowners cannot ignore kitchen remodeling. It took the fifth spot for home improvement projects pursued last year. As the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense to update and upgrade it. But when doing so, consider key factors such as its aesthetics, functionality, not to mention its overall safety. The ultimate goal is to keep the food preparation and cooking safer and more efficient.

6. Exterior Painting

If the interior painting was ‘in’ the previous year, exterior painting could not be left out as well. In fact, 19 percent of the households completed exterior painting projects last year. For the most part, homeowners resort to power-washing their house exterior to get rid of dirt, dust, grime, stains, and other debris. However, repainting can make a huge difference in giving your residential property a fresh look.

7. Smart Home Device Installation

Household investments in Smart technology like home appliances and electronic devices soared last year. Many families thought about investing in these tools and technologies to improve their home entertainment and boost household convenience. If you have not done so for your home, start performing due diligence. See what modern appliances to purchase and what advanced systems to install.

8. Roofing Installation or Upgrade

The last on the list is a roofing project, whether a new installation or replacement. For the most part, homeowners pursue roofing inspection, cleaning, and maintenance regularly. They even resort to roofing repairs after a natural calamity such as heavy rainfall or storm. If your roofing system has long been old and outdated, consider replacing it with robust, modern materials during this pandemic.

At this point, you now know what popular renovation projects to pursue during this pandemic. Be sure to inspect your residential space and see what areas need to be remodeled. Whether it’s your house interior, kitchen, or roof, you can pursue a DIY renovation project or hire a contractor. Ultimately, your goal is to make your residential property a beautiful, functional, safe, and comfortable space to live in.

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