What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before Buying A Key Box Or Lockbox?


If you own an apartment complex or business, you are probably aware of the law requiring you to install a lockbox or the key box outside your building so the fire department can enter. However, there are numerous additional benefits to purchasing a key box or lockbox, which can facilitate key exchange and storage while increasing security for you, your staff, and your clients. To help you make an informed decision, make sure to ask yourself these 5 questions before you go out and buy one.

What is it holding?

Depending on how many keys you intend to keep in it, the type of keybox you receive will vary. A small business that needs to leave one set of keys outside will not have the same requirements as a hotel or rental car agency that needs to store dozens of keys in one safe location. Given that a high-quality keybox can be fairly costly, it’s crucial to plan ahead and purchase one that will satisfy your needs for a very long time.

Where are you putting it?

While all key cabinets are intended for interior use only and are used to retrieve various building/automotive keys from a centrally located location, all key boxes/lock boxes, such as fire department or real estate lockboxes, are always intended for exterior use only and are designed to allow certain select individuals with the key or code to enter a building for specific reasons. Due to their need to be more weather-resistant and rustproof, outdoor units will always have more to them.

Who will be accessing it?

You will require a completely different kind of key box if you have a hotel where guests must drop off keys at all hours of the day than if you are leaving a key for an Airbnb renter to pick up. While some keyboxes require their own key to open, others employ an analog lock or digital combination. While each has advantages, a digital combination is usually the best option if multiple people need to access it at the same time.

When will it be used?

Real estate agents can program certain digital key boxes to remain closed during specific hours and open during others, if they wish to prevent keys to a property from being accessed after a specific time of day.

Who should you buy it from?

Purchasing your key box from a reputable, licensed locksmith ensures that you won’t be upsold or have features added that you don’t need, and that you will receive the best advice possible. A superior degree of care and service is also assured, something you wouldn’t receive if you made an online purchase.

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