Update Your Current Windows with Double Glazing


You must have heard of double glazed windows due to their eco-friendly and energy-efficient benefits. How many years has it been since you updated your windows as per the latest technology? Many industries are primarily focused on creating products that are good for your home and our planet.

A double glazed window simply means a window with two parallel panes of glass. There are even triple-glazed available in the market with three panes instead of a single one. These two/three panes are separated by space, which can be left as a vacuum or can also be filled with an inert gas such as Argon, to improve insulation. This space typically ranges from 6 to 20mm, however, a minimum space of 12mm is recommended for optimal thermal performance.

Low-e and thick laminated glasses are often used in double or triple glazed windows. The only disadvantage of replacing your windows with double glazed ones is the higher cost as compared to a single pane. Given below are the advantages of such windows as compared to traditional glazing.

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Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

  1. The most obvious advantage is lower energy savings. Double Glazed Windows installed from Swish Home Improvements can help to keep your home warmer in winters by capturing natural heat inside the home as these are great for insulation. Warmer winters and cooler summers; a cost-effective dream come true!
  2. Less air conditioning is required in houses with double glazed windows because these are capable of trapping hot rays and cause your room to become cooler.
  3. Double and triple glazed windows are comparatively harder to break, hence help increase the safety of your home. Apart from breaking in, these windows provide more resistance when opened from outside by burglars.
  4. These windows also help to reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes due to airtight sealing. In the absence of humidity, there won’t be any rotten wooden frames. This will automatically lead to fewer maintenance and repairs from water damage.
  5. Double-glazed windows also provide a quiet and peaceful environment inside the home with its noise reduction capabilities.
  6. Installation of double-glazed windows makes your home more appealing to potential buyers also as there won’t be any cracking and fading.
  7. Double glazed windows are just as easy to maintain and clean as single glazed ones.
  8. Slow but constant exposure to ultra-violet rays from the sun can cause damage to furniture and carpets. With the help of double glazing, you will be able to reduce such damages as the amount of UV rays entering your home will be decreased with the help of newly updated windows.
  9. These windows are waterproof and weather resistance and hence become an excellent choice for people residing near the sea.
  • These windows are environment-friendly and hence you can contribute towards an eco-friendly planet with their installation.

If you want to update your current windows with double glazing, contact Swish Home Improvements for professional installation.

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