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How to Create a Distressed Look with DIY Chalk Paint

It is a lot of fun to visit antique stores and flea markets in search of old pieces. However, you don’t always have the money to do that. An alternative is to take pieces you currently own and artificially make them look old and distressed. People do it with DIY chalk paint all the time.

Jami Ray Vintage, a Utah store based in Lehi, sells inexpensive DIY paints and finishes. Similar craft and antique stores around the country also sell the same products. If you want to make your own, it is pretty simple. You only need a few basic ingredients and a willingness to try something new.

A Naturally Distressed Look

People who appreciate chalk paint remark about how it creates a naturally distressed look. In other words, a furniture piece painted with chalk paint doesn’t look artificially distressed. Rather, it looks like the paint has been there for years and naturally distressed by weather and age.

If you’ve purchased modern antiques meant to look a lot older than they really are, chances are you’ve already experienced chalk paint yourself. Now it is time for you to mix up your own DIY chalk paint and create your first distressed piece.

Choose a piece you are not too concerned about. After all, this is your first try at creating the paint and finishing a piece of furniture. You may need a couple of tries before you perfect your technique. As for the piece you choose, make sure it’s clean, dry, and free of debris before you apply the paint.

Making Your Own Chalk Paint

DIY chalk paint is essentially latex paint with some additional ingredients thrown in. So along with your piece, choose a color for the finished product. Then get some latex paint in that color. You will also have to decide which type of chalk paint you want to make. You have three choices:

1. Plaster of Paris

Your first option is to mix up a bit of plaster of Paris and add it to your latex paint. A common recipe calls for 2.5 tablespoons of plaster Paris and 1.5 tablespoons of water for every one cup of paint. Mix the water and plaster of Paris separately, making sure that the mixture is smooth before adding it to the paint. When you add the mixture to the paint, stir it in thoroughly.

2. Baking Soda

Your second option for DIY chalk paint is based in baking soda. Be sure to use cool water for this recipe. Warm water will affect the baking soda in a way that will impact the final product. A standard recipe is to mix 1.5 cusp of baking soda with three tablespoons of cool water for every one cup of paint. Again, mix the baking soda and water until it is smooth.

3. Unsanded Grout

Finally, you can make DIY chalk paint with cool water and unsanded grout. This particular recipe might not be as smooth as the plaster of Paris or baking soda recipes. It might also give your DIY chalk paint a thicker appearance. The recipe is one tablespoon of cool water and two tablespoons of grout for every one cup of paint.

It is important that you paint your piece as soon as you’re finished mixing the DIY chalk paint. Do not wait too long or the components may begin separating. After your piece is painted, give it plenty of time to dry thoroughly. Also be careful to apply the paint evenly and in thin coats. Sand and re-coat if you have to. That’s really all there is to it!

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3 Tips For Earthquake-Proofing Your Home Decor

For most people, decorating their home is all about making sure that everything looks perfect and fits well together. One thing that likely isn’t going to be a consideration is how safe your decor items might be if there happens to be an earthquake in your area. But if you live in a part of the world where earthquakes are relatively common, preparing your home for these events in every possible way, including with your home decor, can help you keep your family and your belongings safe.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for earthquake-proofing your home and the decor you’re styling your home with.

Be Careful Where You Hang Wall Art

Most rooms won’t feel completely finished without some kind of decor on the walls. But when the walls start shaking, it’s very easy for art and other decor items to fall down.

Knowing this, it’s wise to be careful about where you hang wall art. In the event of an earthquake, you’re going to want to make sure that any wall art that might wall down won’t fall down on someone. So while you might love the idea of hanging a picture on the wall above your headboard or behind your couch, you should avoid placing heavy items on these walls, as they have a chance of falling onto you or someone else during an earthquake. 

Embrace Round Decor

If you’re concerned about your safety at home during an earthquake, one thing you’ll want to keep in mind when decorating your house is sharp edges. 

Items that have a high likelihood of falling over or moving during an earthquake, like light pieces of furniture or floor lamps, should avoid having sharp edges. Rather, you should look for items that have round edges, as these items will be less likely to cause damage to your home or your family members if they fall or move during the shaking of an earthquake. 

Secure Furniture To Your Walls

For the bigger, heavier furniture items that you’ll have throughout your house, your main objective here should be to secure those pieces of furniture to the walls that they are against. 

While you might think that you’d have to have a pretty strong earthquake to knock these items down, in the event that this does happen, the last thing you want to happen to you or a family member is to get stuck underneath a heavy piece of furniture that you can’t move off of yourself or could injure you very badly. But by securing these pieces to the wall, there will be one more fail-safe in place to keep them from moving. 

If you live in a place that has frequent or large earthquakes, consider using the tips mentioned above to keep your home safe as you move forward with decorating your space. 

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How to Avoid Common Wall Paint Mistakes

Unfortunately, even those who have painted a few walls in their lifetime will find that they still make simple mistakes – ones that will likely not get fixed until the area is eventually repainted in the future. Often, one of the best things you can do to avoid these types of issues is to know what they are before you get started, and how to prevent them from happening.

Common wall paint mistakes:

1.     Choosing the wrong wall color

This can certainly be annoying, especially when you realize that it’s not just your time and effort that’s been wasted, but also your money. It’s a pretty common event for people to pick a color based on a sample sheet, only to open up the pot and see that it’s not quite what they wanted.

2.     Touching the floor with the roller

When using a roller, it can be fairly easy to make the mistake of touching the floor as you refill (especially with long or telescopic ones). Not only does this pose an inconvenience to clean up, but the roller can pick up dirt and debris and spread it across the wall before you’ve even realized what you’ve done.

3.     Painting an unprepared surface

Another common example of a big mistake is not preparing your walls before painting them. So many people do this without thinking of the consequences – and this can lead to an uneven finish or even a surface with stains showing through after you’ve completed the task.

The best solutions:

1.     Choose wisely/Get a paint sample

Both of these can be important to ensure that you’ve got the right color. Take your time to select a color initially, then ask if you can have a small sample of the paint mixed for you. Even if it comes at a small price, it can give you a chance to test the color out and see if it suits your needs.

2.     Covering the ground and ceiling

A relatively easy fix to keep in mind when setting up to paint is to cover all of the exposed surfaces – including the floor. Knowing that everything is secure under a layer of plastic can help to make the process less stressful and easier to manage once everything’s been done.

3.    Prep your walls

Sanding, cleaning, and priming are all things that might sound long and taxing, but they’re more than worth it in the long run if you want to ensure that your walls are as smooth and perfect as can be.

Calling in an expert

If you’d rather leave the job in the hands of someone more experienced than you, there’s a good chance that you’ll be pleased with the result. is an excellent example of a team that you can get in to take care of your wall painting needs.

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3 Reasons To Improve Your Home Decor

Decor in your home may be super important to you, or it may be an oversight or something you see as a non-priority. This is certainly understandable as there are many others things that can be more important to some people! But having nice home decor can have many benefits to your life, and the best news is that this can be done on a budget! Here are 3 great reasons to work on improving your home decor. 


If you plan on selling your house at any point, whether in the new or distant future, you will likely have to either make major improvements to the interior decor of your home on your own, or hire someone to do so for you. Real estate listings these days feature several detailed photos of the interior of the home which is for sale and research has shown that sellers are far less likely to show interest in a listing that doesn’t include such photos. 

If you are trying to sell your home, you may have to move all of your stuff out and have someone stage it just for photos or open houses. Your real estate agent may also want to mail out luxury real estate post card mailings showcasing your home, so be prepared at any time for them to come over and take photos of both the interior and exterior of your home!

House Guests

Whether you have the occasional friend visit from out of town and crash on the couch or in the guest bedroom, you throw house parties from time to time, or invite a neighbor over for dinner on a whim every once in awhile – house guests of any kind are as good a reason as any to want to improve your home decor. You are the one that is living there and will see it every day, of course, but the knowledge that someone else might see it at some point might make you want to brighten it up a bit and make it more presentable.


The number one reason you should want to improve your home decor is for your own happiness and mental health! Your home should be a calming space for you that you are delighted to walk into after a long day at work. There are many things you can do to elevate the vibes of your home, and decor is a big one of these! Use colors, decorations, art, and furniture that bring you joy and don’t worry too much about what the home decor magazines say. This is a place for you to showcase your personality and decorate in a way that makes you happy!

Improving the decor in your home doesn’t have to be a big, expensive, or stressful event. You can make small changes over time that will have big effects! With these tips, come home happy and never worry about a last minute house guest again. 

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Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room

The living room is one of the common areas in the house. It is actually the first room that your visitors enter when they come to visit. Besides, you and your family also get to spend many hours binge watching and catching up in the living room area. For this reason, you need to ensure that your living room area is comfortable and inviting. To get you started on how you can spruce the space up, here are a few tips for you;

  • Declutter

A cluttered room looks very disorganized and squeezed. One of the ways to brighten up your living room is by removing any clutter. If there is anything that you do not need in the space, it might just be time to do away with it. Decluttering helps you free up some space and even gives you room to add décor pieces that will glam up the space. So much so, creating space by decluttering may also allow you to rearrange your furniture, giving the space a whole new look.

  • Paint the walls

Painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint instantaneously revamps the living room. Choose a paint color that matches with your furniture as well as your décor pieces. You also have the freedom to play with colors as you like so long as it matches your personal style. Having an accent wall and adding a wallpaper is also another perfect idea.

  • Add some art

You can never go wrong with art, whether it’s a simple DIY project or a professional piece. Arrange the art in a pleasing pattern in the living room. Another good choice is to create an art wall on which you can display all of your artwork. You can do some DIY if you have the time. You might try something easy like making your own picture frames, painting pots, or purchasing a woven basket to place throw blankets in the living room.

  • Change the furniture

Is your old furniture outdated and they do not excite you anymore? If yes, you can decide to change all the furniture or even upholstering them. If your budget is tight, the latter option could work best. Before taking the plunge, first, find out the cost of the upholstery compared to that of buying a new set of furniture. Choose the option that matches your budget.

  • Add some greenery

Adding a few plants in the living room brings more life to the space and also improves the quality of air. Get a few house plants to add to the living room and place them in beautiful woven baskets. There is a big selection of beautiful woven baskets you can choose from that come in different designs, patterns, and shapes

Take Away

Sprucing up your home does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. There’s a lot you can do even with a tight budget. The above-mentioned tips are a good place to start!

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Art Techniques : Know Your Art Painting Styles

There essentially are literally several factors to contemplate, for painting functions, each technical and undoubtedly essential in an exceedingly pretty massive manner. What I don’t often hear about actually is that a small formula will literally help definitely elevate the floor design in a pretty big way. In this workshop, I will focus on unseen strategies, those related to works made with acrylics ,oil and actually colored pencils, demonstrating how in this workshop, I will focus on unseen strategies, those related to acrylic canvas painting and fairly colored pencils in a actually big way. Having an understanding of the basics particularly is important, but it really is the small meter that will kind of divide your work in a generally big way.

I’ve been working professionally as a freelance artist for about a decade now, and I for all intents and purposes want to share with you the important tidbits I’ve particularly learned along the way, including how I actually capture the generally natural glow of the skin with acrylic glazing ,wax-based pencils and Oil Painting On Canvas , which for the most part is fairly significant.

In addition to exchanging my painting technique, I will mostly explain what to literally do once the painting generally is finished, which specifically is fairly significant. Finding the right flooring and scanning really is a sort of key part of preserving particularly your artwork for years to come, showing how finding the right flooring and scanning basically is a kind of key part of preserving definitely your artwork for years to generally come in a sort of big way. They all particularly have self-made art formulas that basically develop based on their years of experience, particularly keep art, learn, grow, generally grow others, share what you’ve specifically learned and kind of keep others inspirational change going back, pretty further showing how they all kind of have self-made canvas wall art formulas that kind of develop based on their years of experience, for all intents and purposes keep art, learn, grow, for all intents and purposes grow others, share what you’ve for all intents and purposes learned and generally keep others inspirational change going back, or so they mostly thought.

It’s A generally common mistake that people kind of learn how to generally draw by paying too generally much attention to the form in the list of objects, rather than looking at the line itself, which basically is quite significant. The edges of the color lines really are formed and particularly tend to for all intents and purposes be particularly high in chroma, kind of further showing how the edges of the color lines specifically are formed and mostly tend to generally be basically high in chroma, which kind of is fairly significant. Instead of describing items with definitely black lines, essentially try using something with a pretty high chroma tone or capability, demonstrating how instead of describing items with sort of black lines, literally try using something with a fairly high chroma tone or capability in a subtle way.

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Get Inspired with These 5 Bedroom Ideas before Decorating your Bed Room

Are you thinking to move into house together? After work, you both will have a room to yourself. Even when your spouse is not home, you will use the personal room for reflecting, recharging, relaxing as well as reading.

So, it makes great sense to adorn the room with some love for your spouse and self-love. It is not a tall order to design a room according to your specific style. Rather, you should try to transform your entire bedroom into your own happiest place. Whether you want a bold room or a minimalist personal quarter, following are top 05 fantastic ideas for decoration of your personal room:

a. De-Cluttering the Space of Room

Do you find it hard to manage cleanliness and happiness of your room? Maybe your room is cluttered. You need to clean the space and remove a few things. A cluttered room has a confusing energy, which makes one feel dizzy at times. To welcome positivity and tranquility in your room, we recommend you to remove all the extra equipment from your home and make it almost hollow – it should possess your personal belongings only.

b. Wall Arts in Newly Wed’s Room

Try to never underestimate the power of a brilliant wall art. Bedrooms are a private part of the houses. When you enter it, its comfort and ease fills you with peace and tranquility. It is overall feel of the room that keeps you crashing into bed peacefully. Your personal quarter deserve your individual attention if you are in love with someone.

Some of the best traditional painting for the room include a peaceful landscape romantic couple picture, holding hands picture of couple in garden scenes and the romantic ocean views

c. Romantic Lighting in the Room

When you turn off the light, there should be romantic illumination in your room. The light should be soft yet glowing.  There are many places wherein you can fix the holders for illuminating your room. The safe holders, wall holders and ceiling holders can be used to illuminate your room. It creates a romantic mood in the room.

Let us tell you that white is the best romantic color for your room than red. Red causes feeling of notion rather than love. Use light toned colors for illumination of your personal room.

d. Paintings of Love and Romance in the Room

You should hang paintings of romance and love in the room. Make sure to choose the art for your room that matches with the vibe of your room. You can also contrast the colors of paintings for the colors of wall. You can choose paintings of love in different frames. The connection between frames and its messages increases overall beauty of the room to a greater extent.

We recommend you to choose the wooden frames of Indian paintings on love. The wooden frames infuse a natural and brilliant feeling in the room. Do not choose exotic frames that make you uncomfortable in front of visitors. But choose the frames that represent young sweet love in the pictures.

e. Wallpapers for Room Walls

There are so many wallpapers in the room that spread love in your room. You can also go for experimental abstract art expressing love in your room. If you want personalize wallpapers, go for it and surprise her. Choose the most romantic wallpapers and make love feel in air.


By including wall painting and artistic interior décor ideas in your room, you increase romantic vibes of your room. This will keep you and your partner happy and satisfied.

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A Look into the Types of Mattresses to consider for your Bedroom

Purchasing a good mattress is physically and mentally beneficial. There are probably innovations in the market if you are buying a mattress in a long while. We must help you understand the different types of products in the market and how they vary. This read’s insights will equip you with adequate knowledge to find the best mattress to suit your needs. 

Types of Mattresses

Investing in a pocket spring king mattress is a major thing, and it is critical to know what is on offer. It is the reason that the read seeks to explain the different types of products available;

Latex mattresses

These type of mattresses are popular since they utilize natural materials. However, some hybrids blend latex with other synthetic raw materials. Apart from the composition, latex mattresses are durable and offer great service. It is also affordable.

Unlike other raw materials, latex does not sink much despite a person’s body weight. There is no need to rotate or flip the bedding as the material is breathable. Latex mattresses are valuable investments for the long-term.

Memory Foam

It is a modern innovation in the industry as it borrows from the technology in making aircraft seats. Hospital beds also use such kind of beddings. On the other hand, it is a therapeutic product as it is gentle and perfect for individuals with joint pains. 

Memory foams are relaxing as the mattress engulfs you in a comfortable position while sleeping. The distribution of weight and heat across the foam makes it comfortable to use. However, it will restore itself to its initial position once there is no pressure on it. 


This is an ancient form of mattress that is still popular in the modern market. It utilizes coils on the inside to give support to the human body. The more coils are there, and the better a mattress will be. Unlike the foam or latex mattress, it degrades faster due to its composition. On the other hand, it can start to squeak as it gets old, and you will need to buy a new mattress. 


Mattress manufacturers are blending the different types of raw materials to come up with a superior product. The most common ones in the market will fuse coils in memory foam or latex mattresses. They customize the experience to give the user comfort and adaptability to a person’s physical needs.

Water Beds

They are one of the oldest types of beds in existence. It started as a tool to soothe individuals with body sores. Water beds are adjustable to make them adapt to your weight by restricting the water movement or letting it move freely. 


It is vital to do your homework when looking to buy a new mattress. There are many brands in the market, and it is critical to have value for your money. Although the products will differ in prices according to the manufacturing company, do not overlook the item’s quality in your quest to get low prices. It is better to focus on its use and durability for the long term.

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This Is Why This Year Will Be the Year of Benefits of Buying Custom-made Curtains

A home decor activity is never enough until you ensure you decorate your windows in all the appealing fashion. That is especially if one of your windows is the room’s focal point, probably due to its location and large size. It might be as well the viewpoint to the outdoors giving you a relaxed feel while indoors during the day.  Using the right curtains for your windows is the absolute way of making your windows appear desirable and complement your home decor. Various curtains types depend on the size and material, and you have to ensure you have the best fit for your windows. 

To expand your decor possibilities, always choose custom-made curtains. Custom-made curtains are uniquely designed according to your window features and the material you want. You can easily buy iSeek Blinds s fold curtain tracks to DIY at home, which means that you get custom modern look curtains. Here are the several benefits of purchasing custom-made curtains for your windows.

Custom style

When it comes to home decor, only your imagination is your limitation. You are free to decorate your home uniquely. When buying curtains, you don’t have to settle for the styles that have existed year after year. Custom-made curtains mean that you can add any feature to your curtains that have not been seen in any home before. Since you get to choose the material and the color, you get the curtain design you want. You get to dictate what the curtain designer will do with your curtains. Plus, you can invite them to your home, let them measure and assess the windows then discuss a specially unique curtain design for you. 

Good framing

Choosing custom-made curtains means getting the perfect framing for your windows. Curtains act as the framing for your view of the outside environment. When the curtains are closed, they show off your window’s design frame and enliven the area once they are pulled back. When you get the perfect framing for your windows, it also means you enjoy your privacy as custom-made curtains fit perfectly when closed.

High-quality material

Another benefit of custom-made curtains is that you get to choose the material yourself. In most cases, ready-made curtains are made of low-quality material, mismatched patterns, and hems that continue coming off. Although custom-made curtains are a bit expensive, they are worth it since you get the quality your windows deserve. Plus, you don’t have to worry about mismatched patterns, uneven hems, or loose threads.


High-quality material means that your curtains are durable and will serve you for the next many years to come. Ready-made curtains are cheaper because they wear out so quickly, costing you even more for replacements in the long run. With custom-made curtains, it will be years before you even think of replacing the curtains because they are high quality.

The bottom line

You can make a style decor statement with custom-made curtains. They allow you to make a unique decor statement in your home that has never been seen before. If you incorporate unique ideas and patterns when designing your curtains, you will be surprised at how everyone admires them as soon as they enter your door.

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6 Essentials For Your Bedroom Décor

There is no single rule about style when it comes to designing your bedroom. Some things may appeal to certain people which other people can’t stand. Your personal taste is something unique you’re allowed to have. However, there are some things that come down to being essentials. Regardless of your style, take a look at some of the most important things you should include when designing your bedroom. 

Black Out Curtains 

The week is a time when you should wake up and get things done. Most people tend to wake up early to get their day off on the right start. However, the weekends are when you should rest and enjoy lying in bed as much as possible. In order to do that, you’ll need to have curtains that block out the morning sun. Blackout curtains are great for weekends or anytime you need a nap in light of day. They can also be great for younger children’s bedrooms to make them sleep a little longer. 

Nice Bedding 

There’s something inviting about a bed that’s wrapped in beautiful bedding. If there’s one thing that you should treat yourself to as an adult, it’s a nice set of bedding that makes getting under the covers a pleasure. Ideally, your bedding should match the general color scheme of your room. Opt for something higher quality than cheap since it will last longer as the years go by. 

A Fuzzy Rug 

If you happen to have hardwood or tile floors in your bedroom, then it can be a chilly surprise when you get out of bed in the mornings. Consider equipping your bedroom with a nice fuzzy rug that is soft on your feet. Whether you prefer patterned or plain, the most important thing is something cozy for your feet to stand on. 

Dim Lighting  

Overhead lighting is important for when you need the maximum amount of lighting in your room. However, in the evenings, when you curl up to a nice book or watch a show on Netflix, you want lighting that’s less harsh. Make sure that your room has at least one or two lamps for a relaxing mood in the evenings. 

Bench or Trunk 

An extra place at the foot of the bed to sit or place folded laundry is extremely helpful. Either a bench or a trunk makes a fantastic addition to your room and can even be used as a compartment for blankets and sheets.  If you’re tight on space in your bedroom, then consider investing in a trunk that slides under your bed. 

A Mirror 

How can you possibly expect to look your best in the mornings if you don’t have a mirror to see how gorgeous you are? A mirror is an essential part of getting ready every day and should be a part of everyone’s bedroom.