KING or QUEEN- Tips To Consider While Betting On The Right Bed Size & Frame


Irrespective of whether you are the first time buyer or replacing your old bed with a new one, several key considerations need to be kept in mind while buying the right bed frame and size. Many of us, in the process of choosing the bed, forget to prioritise the bed size and frame as well. According to one of the leading dealers, most people go for the design rather than the size or the material from which it is made.

Do not turn your new purchase into a frustrating and uncomfortable one. No matter how many bucks you have shelled out to purchase the new frame, if it is small, it is never going to be a good purchase. Therefore, when you are out for purchase, ensure the following points are always on your mind.

Choosing the Right Bed Size

The right bed size plays a pivotal role in ascertaining that you rest comfortably. With the availability of King and Queen size beds, it is essential to know the differences. In addition to this, a local furniture shop will always guide you during the purchase.

While a king size bed has the dimension of 72.04 inches by 80.31 inches, a queen size bed comes at 60.23 inches by 80.31 inches. Therefore, the purchase needs to be done based on the size of the bedroom and the amount of space one would like to have in his/her room.

There is another variant of king size that is popular in Australia- super King size that measures 80.31 inches both in length and width.

According to the dealer of timber queen bed frame, purchasing the bed frame and mattress is always going to make sure that the occupant fits well in it.

Which stands out to be the Perfect?

Upon comparing both, the king size is comparatively larger in length than the queen size. However, from the width perspective, both are equal. The queen-sized bed is the perfect purchase for couples who do not need space and can sleep closer. This size is most popular because of the different variants and design.

Why Choose Timber Queen Bed Frame?

With the availability of different types of bed frames, timber queen bed frame has been the most popular one amongst the buyers. The following are some of the main reasons—

  • The availability of bed frames in different designs has captivated the likes and preferences of buyers
  • It is a one-time investment and if maintained regularly, would last for more than a century
  • Timber queen bed frame is the best addition to the home’s decor from the furniture’s point of view
  • Quality timber provides the entire structure with the much-required stability and firmness
  • The cost of the timber queen bed frame can be on the higher side; however, it is worth the amount one invests in


A little bit of research and the proper assessment of the requirement is always going to ensure that the purchase being done is a perfect one. Therefore, keeping all aspects in mind, the purchase of the bed frame should be done.

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