Why Does Your House Look Dated?


The house where you live right now is only about five to seven years old, but sometimes it looks like a decade has gone by since it was last repainted or renovated. Why does your home look old? Why does it look like it wouldn’t be worth what value you’ve given it? Is it the furniture? Is it the paint?

Old homes look sad because they have no character, or sometimes they are full of character, which diminishes their architectural features. But no one wants to live in an old-looking house. Even the people who love classic architectural design don’t want dated homes. There’s something about it that screams ugly and unkempt.

Dirty and Messy

How does your house look outside? If there are weeds growing in the garden, then your house looks like it hasn’t been lived in for years. If there is an overflowing trash can on the driveway, that’s another sign that no one has gotten around to collecting it or throwing it away. The first thing that people will see when they get to your house is the yard and the garden. If it looks like you haven’t watered the plants for months, then that is how people will feel about your home.

Then, when they go inside, what do they see? Even a newly constructed home will look outdated when there is a mess all around. If there is dirty laundry strewn around the living room, what does it say about you and the space that you occupy? Remember that a simple clean-up will make a huge difference in how your home looks.

Pests and Termites

The presence of pests and termites is another way to make your home look dated. Termites eat away at the wooden elements of your home, as well as your furniture. Make sure to call a pest control company when you start to see signs of termites and pests. You also don’t want a line of ants running along your wall. Nothing screams old house than ants in every corner of the house. Plus, pests will eventually cause allergies and even illnesses.

White Kitchen Appliances

Back in the ’50s and ’60s, your grandparents used to have a white refrigerator, a white dishwasher, and a white washing machine. Put those days behind you. Now, you have to look for stainless steel and matte black because they give a sleek look to your kitchen. A modern kitchen also modernizes the whole home, so put all your efforts into your kitchen appliance.

Old Tiles

What is the design of your floor tiles? If you choose tiles that are nearer the designs in the ’90s, your whole house will look old. Newer homes have a cleaner floor design. Most interior designers will use neutral tones for the floor tiles such as white, light gray, marble, and beige. Never use brown tiles, though it’s okay to use real wooden tiles for your floors. Brown porcelain tiles will easily make the home look antiquated, so stay away from that.

Trendy Items

Do you know that the native rug that you bought a few years ago is not trendy anymore? Sure, it looks good if you’re aiming for a minimalist style, but is that what you want right now? Instead of buying into the hype, purchase accessories, appliances, and furniture with a purpose. Think long-term. Shop with intention and don’t copy someone else’s style. If you do, you will end up with items you have no need for.


Who still likes chevron designs? It was good, but it’s over now. If you still have chevron wallpaper, then that’s what makes your house look dated. This was popular back in 2011, but not now. While you can still find some items made with this design, they don’t make it to Architectural Digest anymore. Toss the old wallpaper out and look for plain and textured ones instead. They will make your home look cleaner and organized.

Brown and Bronze

Back in the days, the brown-and-bronze kitchen design was oh-so-popular. They made a kitchen look inviting and warm. But there are many ways now to make a kitchen look appealing and warm without using brown and bronze tones. Instead of using these color shades in your main kitchen elements, choose copper-colored cookware and utensils instead.

Don’t let your home look outdated. Even if you love the elements of a classic home, that’s different from making a home look just plain old. There are many ways to achieve a classic look without compromising on the “age” of your home.

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