Why You Must Keep Vastu Shastra in Mind When Designing Your Home


The United States is developed, well-equipped with the latest technology, and the wealthiest country. Homes in the U.S. are amongst the biggest and with beautiful architectural designs in the world. Vastu principles adding to the homes will make their life more joyful and prosperous. Good vibes are always present in the house with an architectural design accompanied by Vastu elements.

Why should you design your home based on Vastu?

Vastu means house refers to the study of the environment associated with the five-element with its eight cardinal directions. Vastu is considered a key element at the time of house hunting in the U.S. The people in the U.S. are ready to pay more if the house is constructed following the Vastu science.

Yogesh Joshi is a well-known Vastu expert in the U.S. He has experience of around 20 years in Vaastu science. According to him, your home is the mark of your identity. With the correct arrangements of room and all the required essentials, the house can be filled with good vibes and there will be a harmonious integration between the inhabitant and different forms of energies.

There are several benefits associated if you follow Vastu in your house. They are:

  • You will be able to achieve success smoothly without facing any obstacles.
  • You can easily balance all activities of your life.
  • In a house with Vaastu, the stress level is much lower.
  • A relationship with your partner is also good in a house with Vaastu.
  • Good vibes and a happy environment helps to keep away any health conditions.
  • Vaastu helps you to grab all the opportunities and move ahead in life.

What exactly is Vastu?

Vastu means house or can say a dwelling place of either god or human being. It is a science of arranging the five elements — Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky in perfect harmony. When there is an imbalance between the five elements, it leads to negative energy overlapping the positive energy. As per experts, the main principle is to add value to a person’s life. It constitutes a fine artwork of coordinating the design, layout, measurements, geometric pattern, and space arrangements. It includes ancient Indian philosophy with some morals of Buddhists. 

How should you design a home based on Vastu?

Have you ever felt low, frustrated in your own home? It can be due to the negative vibes & energies present in your homes. Vastu is the best way through which positive energies are harnessed in the environment. Here are some ways you can keep in mind before hunting for a new house/plot in the US.

  • Factors considered for US houses: Many magnetic forces are in different areas in a big house. The magnetic and geometric axis plays a crucial role in Vastu for attaining good results. This axis should be parallel and collinear for a dynamic balance of the house. You must take cleanliness very seriously. Things like cleaning the air duct and sweeping under that rug regularly.
  • The direction of the plot: As per Vastu, the direction and construction of the house should be north or east facing. These directions have a positive impact. Other directions west and south may have a negative impact.
  • The shape of the plot: As per the expert’s recommendation, the shape of the plot should be square or rectangular. It should be squarely in the four cardinal directions (East, West, North & South). The ideal ratio of length and breadth of a building should be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or its max up to 1:2. Plots with irregular shapes, oval, circular, triangular, and L-shaped should be avoided while buying a plot/house.
  • For the Main entrance: Main entrance is an integral part of the house. It’s not only the entry point of people, it’s also the entry point for energies. The main door should be facing north, east, or northeast direction.
  • Kitchen: It’s recommended that the kitchen of the house should be in the southeast direction. The house with the kitchen facing north direction is not considered good as per Vastu science.
  • Master Bedroom: The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction. The southeast direction bedroom is governed by the fire element. You can choose light red or pink color for your master wall as it represents warmth and love.
  • Kids room: The room should be in the southwest direction of the home. It’s recommended to sleep with head towards South or East direction for peace of mind.
  • Toilet: The toilet should be in the west or northwest direction. The house with the toilet in any other direction is not considered good for the house and there is no proper solution to adjust it.

Vastu is gaining popularity all over the world. The visible difference can be seen if you follow these rules in your home. We have discussed some basic factors above to keep in mind before buying your dream home. For better and detailed information about Vastu science, you can also consult an expert before buying a house or if you are facing any difficulties in your residence.

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