Tips And Tricks To Increase Longevity Of Newly Installed Driveway


Installation of a new driveway could be expensive but it’s a profitable investment. You may wonder how the word “profit” fits here. Let’s make your confusion clear. A well-installed nice looking driveway somehow increases the property value of your house. So don’t you want this investment to run long? This article shares some easy and effective tricks to increase the longevity of driveways Berkshire in your home.

Keep some patience, give some rest- let’s give your newly installed driveway some time to rest, we mean some time to set. Don’t drive any vehicles right after the installation. Spare some time like around 3 days to get it set. The newly installed driveway takes time to develop the hardened surface. You should wait till then. If you start driving right after the installation it could lead to internal damage and even cause a crack which is very dangerous. So the first trick to increase its durability is to keep some patience, give some rest.

Fill the gaps- sometimes people complain that there are noticeable cracks on the driveway. Lack of efficiency in the installation is the major reason for this common dilemma. No matter how small the crack is, seal it immediately before it becomes a huge one. It’s important to fill all such gaps as soon as possible. Seal coating can be a good option in such cases. But ensure this time you have the right people by your side as over-selling the driveway could cause similar kinds of trouble.

Avoid water exposure- Water could be the biggest enemy of your newly installed driveway. Try to avoid water exposure as much as you can. When the driveway is installed it needs some time to develop a solid surface. Till then you should desperately prevent water from coming on the driveway. Arrange a shade for at least 3 days after installation to prevent rain from damaging your driveway.

Clean regularly- A driveway is easy to clean. Just sweep it up once in a day and it’s good to go. This regular cleaning will prevent wreckages that cause internal damage to the tarmac. It will take nearly around 10 minutes but will keep the driveway’s outlook clean for the entire day.

Hope the above-discussed tips will help you to increase your newly installed driveway’s durability. Also, try to go for an instant repairing if the cracks are persistent even after seal coating.

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