What Are The Types Of Window Locks You Can Install?


Many people now have serious concerns about their home’s security. Home windows can occasionally be easily targeted by burglars and are therefore susceptible to break-ins. Selecting the appropriate lock type and shutting your window will greatly strengthen this vulnerability. This post will outline common window lock varieties and provide installation instructions.

Common window lock types

The market offers a wide variety of window lock types. The decision ought to be based on preferences and budgets.

Window pin locks

Window pin locks are comparable to chain locks on doors. The lock consists of two parts: one that is fastened to the window sash and the other to the frame. The window cannot open wider because of the cable or chain connecting these two components. Installing window pin locks is simple, but tying the two ends together requires a drill.

Sliding window locks

Only sliding windows and doors can be secured with this kind of lock. The window cannot be moved or opened thanks to these sturdy locks, which are installed inside the window track. A thumbscrew or a lever can be used to operate this kind of lock. They can be moved from one side of the window to the other and are available for purchase at your neighborhood hardware store. Take out the lock from the track before opening the window. It is simple because the installation will only take a few seconds.

Window wedge

To stop the window from opening farther than what is required, a window wedge is installed. You can adjust the window wedge from the inside if it needs to be opened wider. Window wedges come in many different shapes and sizes. Certain window wedges have velcro-attached to the window, while others are able to slide up and down.

Keyed locks

To open and close the window keylock, a key is needed. Keylocks offer a higher level of security than other types of locks. The window keylock is appropriate for single-hung, double-hung, and sliding windows, and it should be mounted on the window frame or sash. When selecting this kind of window lock, don’t forget to safeguard the key.

Smart locks

As technology advances, window locks become increasingly creative. Some locks are electronic, meaning they work without a key. You can electronically operate the lock with a smartphone app. Make sure your phone has an authorization code or other entry code enabled before using them to unlock the device. Additionally, you can use your smartphone to monitor and manage your window locks from anywhere. Certain smart locks have the ability to instantly notify you if someone tries to open your windows. When emergencies arise, you can act quickly thanks to the real-time alerts.

Why are window locks important?

Putting in safe window locks is a very good way to keep burglars away. These locks give homeowners better, round-the-clock protection by making it harder for intruders to gain access. Window locks can be an essential component of your round-the-clock home security system and can be linked to other gadgets like security cameras or burglar alarms. Furthermore, a lot of contemporary window locks are made to resist attempts at forced entry, which makes them important tools for further enhancing the security of your house.

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