Most Common Furnace and Heating Issues Experienced at Home


When our furnaces are heavily used and lack proper maintenance, as well as, regular inspections, we’d surely experience malfunctions later on. Some house fire incidents reported are even related to unmaintained heating systems. This is why as responsible homeowners; we have to make sure that our units are always in good condition to prevent such situations.

Pretty sure that you can find an HVAC service provider in your locality. Just don’t forget that you must always hire licensed technicians to guarantee your safety. They’ll be in charge of installations, maintenance, and more on furnace repair for homes, as well as, commercial buildings.

As we use our furnaces every day, especially during the cold season, malfunctions can’t be avoided. Thus, contact an expert and make sure to find out what particular services they offer. In this way, proper diagnosis will be conducted and issues can be fixed with confidence.

Auto Turn-Off Fails

In some cases, the units won’t turn off automatically and continue blowing hot air. It’s supposed to shut off after reaching a certain temperature when the auto feature is enabled. This happens when there’s a problem with the thermostat, wiring, or blower.

Don’t forget to check on the batteries as well, especially with digital ones. If possible, go over your manual for instructions.

If you try to reset the setting of your thermostat, then things might work. But after configuring it and still fails, you better leave this to the experts. They might need to replace the thermostat or fix other related issues.

Cool Air Dispersion

Heat must be coming from the vents as you turn on your furnace. If the place isn’t warming, then there could be an issue with the ductwork. For example, if there’s a leaky duct, then this will affect the temperature that you’ll receive once it passes out your vents.

There are a few things that must be considered here. This includes the thermostat, filters, pilot light, fuel, and ducts, which might release carbon monoxide – go to for further reading. Through a professional HVAC technician, these factors will be inspected so that he can provide the most efficient solution.

Uneven Heat Circulation

Temperature is supposed to be circulating evenly in your room. However, there could be instances where some portions aren’t warming. When that happens, air filters must be checked.

In some cases, your ductwork might be the issue. It’s also possible that there’s something wrong with the motor, belt, or bearing of the heating system. Thus, expertise is required for repairs and replacement of parts.

Won’t Ignite

Lighting the heating system or staying lit, could be risky and may lead to fire when gas leaks – read here for updates. Sometimes, there’s a problem with the electric ignition. Keep in mind that this comes with an intermittent pilot light or even a sensor allowing clean gas to flow.

Since most of us are using advanced furnaces nowadays, then call an expert for help. Your heater might be dirty that’s why the sensor won’t allow ignition. Sometimes, it requires replacement so let a professional take care of this matter.

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