What Makes a Great Vacation Rental?


Part of making sure your vacation is wonderful is ensuring that you have a fantastic vacation rental to stay at. The amenities at the place you stay can make a world of difference in the total experience. There’s nothing like a beautiful property that makes a good time,

When browsing through your vacation home rentals, keep in mind that these are the qualities that make one great.

Great Location

As they say, “location location, location.”  Choose a place that’s known for scenery,  various activities, and of course, a beautiful home itself.  Why not somewhere like Aspen where experts like Heidi Houston list multi-million-dollar properties boasting gorgeous views?

Flexible Check In

When making travel plans, it’s not always possible to make sure that you arrive at the exact time of rentals check in. There’s nothing more inconvenient on your vacation than arriving at your destination with nowhere to go. Hauling around your luggage isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time when they first arrive.

A flexible check-in is ideal for making sure that you can arrive at your rental anytime without having to stress.

Reliable Wifi

When traveling, wifi is a must. However, any old wifi won’t do. If you’re planning on working or doing any movie streaming, then it’s important that you have a reliable connection. Fast wifi will make a world of difference on your trip.

You may take it for granted initially; however, when you’re trying to have a relaxing night in, and your video keeps buffering, then it won’t be long before you get frustrated. Make sure that you look in the reviews at how well rated the wifi is.


In addition to wifi, you should also make sure that there is a TV. This is especially important if you’re traveling with kids. Turning on the TV as background noise or as something to watch while eating a meal is incredibly convenient. You may also need to tune in if something newsworthy happens.

Electric Adapters

If you’re traveling to another country, then they may not have the same electrical outlets as back home. Ideally, a good vacation rental will provide electrical adapters for their guests.  This makes a world of difference when traveling since you can avoid having to buy adapters of your own.

A Welcome Basket

A welcome basket is the ultimate greeting for arriving guests. Although it may seem like unnecessary flair, it says a lot about the place that you’re staying. A great vacation rental will offer you anything from candies to wine in your welcome basket. The better of a welcome basket that you have, the higher quality the vacation rental is likely to be.

A Gracious Host

There’s nothing like staying somewhere that has a gracious host to help you. A host is there to make sure that you have everything that you need as well as any answers to your questions about your destination. Often the host will be the property owners themselves, or in some cases, someone that they have hired for that specific role.

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