Common reasons for water heater leaking


Easy, safe, and convenient to use, the water heaters are very beneficial to all of us. Most households of today have water heaters to fulfill their heating requirements. In fact, electric heaters are more useful for many people than heating water by using gas. But it might be scary to see leakages in heaters. Be it just dripping water or gushing, you need the help of a professional plumber to check the cause of the leakage. Let us check some of the common reasons for water heater leaking.

For fulfilling your hot water needs

Water heaters are high-efficiency devices to fulfill your hot water requirements. More and more people use it to improve energy efficiency in their homes. There are different types of water heaters, and if you use a high-efficiency one, it uses less energy than standard water heaters. Well insulated, these water heaters can enhance energy efficiency. Even if water heaters can last for years, it can leak due to different reasons. It does not mean you need to replace it. Instead, you can fix the leaks with the help of an efficient plumber.

Reasons for leakages in water heaters

If you find leaks in your heater, you need to check the situation as early as possible. Otherwise, even the dripping of water can cause a huge amount of damage to you. With the help of a plumber, you can find where the leak is coming from. Some of the main causes for the water heater leakages are:

  • Loose drain valve

A drain valve is an easy way to repair and maintain a water heater. Many people use this valve to clean the tank and cause the leakage of water.

  • Too much pressure in the water tank

Since the water tank deals with extremely hot water, pressure occurs inside it naturally. The steam produced in the tank also increases the pressure inside it. The presence of too much pressure inside the tank can lead to crack and loosen parts and ultimately cause water leaks.

  • Internal tank leakage

The tanks of water heaters come with two shells. The shell on the inside part contains the water, whereas the external shells for insulation purposes. Both shells are covered by a layer of metal. If any leakage occurs in the shell inside due to deterioration or age, it cannot be visible easily.

  • Deterioration of old tanks

Overuse can shorten the lifespan of water heaters. Deterioration of tanks can also happen due to age, and rust can develop in them over time. Such problems also cause corrosion and leakages of water heaters.

  • Loosening of inlet and outlet connections

The loosening of inlet and outlet connections can lead to leaks in water heaters.

  • Corrosion in Anode rod

The corrosion of anode rods in water heaters can cause leaks in them.

Nowadays, it might be difficult to find households without water heaters. This equipment is convenient and easy to use and can fulfill your water heating requirements. But if your heater started to leak, it can make you scary. In such situations, you need the help of a professional plumber. He can check the water heater and find the reasons for the leakage and fix the problem.

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