Few Guide Lines to Buy Cushions and arrange them like a Professional Home Decorator


There are vast kinds of cushions available in the local market. There is no doubt while choosing the best of them for your home it could be quite confusing. Thus, the need arises to be armed with ample number of tips from expert interior decorators. Here are few tips by the expert interior decorators that will help choose and arrange the cushions like a skilled interior designer.

The matters you need to consider before embarking for purchasing cushions –

  • Consider the places where you feel like adding cushions. It can be your living room, hall, bedroom, relaxing room or your study room. This will help you know the number of cushions required and the quality of cushions suitable for the place. For bedrooms or for your kid’s room you would like soft ones to be kept under hands, legs or below your head to sleep soundly. If it is to be placed in seating furniture, then you need back supporting cushions.
  • Note the decor of the room – Cushions and its covers are available in varied colours as well. Thus, it is best to note the colour of the walls, furniture arrangement in the room and the lightening effects. For less lighted space you can choose bright colour cushions and for walls painted with flashy colours you can choose pastel colour cushions. If it is for your portico, craft room or for your relaxing room, you can select the best available hand embroidered cushions as well. You can even match the colours of the cushions with curtains of windows and doors.
  • Estimate your budget – If you are planning to buy dozens of cushions, it is best to know the cost of the cushions and your affordability. The best place to know the cost of varied cushions is online marketing sites. You can compare the prices in accordance to the size, shape and quality of the fabric and filling materials used in the cushions.

Online websites are best place to know where to buy the current trendy cushions like the velvet cushions. You get easy to applicable ideas to use cushions in the right way to make your home look beautiful and homely.

Here are few ideas you would love to use:

  • If it is a large room you can scatter the cushions all over your seating furniture. It will look elegant to buy cushions of different bright shades or of contrast colours. You can even buy large pattern cushions in different shades of same colour matching your home wall colour.
  • Don’t try to buy cushions of same size and shape for all rooms. The whole home will look like the decor in hotel. The variant will help your home look more welcoming and each room will have separate identity.
  • Cushions for outdoor furnishing should be broad in size and shouldn’t be loosely filled. Sometimes children prefer to sit on it, thus buy solid and big square cushions covered with dark colour printed fabric.
  • You can choose the colour of the cushion covers to match the carpet and the colour of your sofas. For bedding furniture, you can match or go for contrast bed lining colour.
  • If you prefer to mix different patterns of cushions, it will be nice to find a common link between them. It can be shape of the cushion, texture of the cushion cover material or its cover pattern of same colour. You can even mix geometrical patterns with floral designs of similar shades of cushion colour to make it look trendy.

It will be best suitable to utilize as well will appear good by placing the cushion in corner space of sofas and beds rather than placing them in the middle of the seating or bedding area.

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