Roofing Repairs for a Listed Building


Roofing repairs are part and parcel of home ownership, and if you are the proud owner of a listed building, roofing repairs need to be carefully thought out. It is essential for the roof to be in keeping with the property, and that means sourcing the same type of roofing tiles, which can prove challenging.

  • Professional Roofers – Not all roofing contractors would undertake repairs on a listed building, yet the best roofing services in Godalming happen to be specialists in this field. Once they have finished the repairs, you wouldn’t know it, as there would be no visible signs of a repair job, and by using identical tiles, the roof can be restored to its original state.
  • Grade II Listed Buildings – Owners of Grade II listed buildings are bound by The Town and Country Planning Act, which prohibits any changes to the building’s character, therefore, repairs must be in keeping with the overall look of the property. It can be a challenge to have roof repairs on a listed building approved, which is something an experienced roofing contractor can help with, and with their expertise and track record of working with listed properties, you should eventually receive approval to carry out the repairs.

If your listed buildings roof is in need of repair, talk to a specialist roofer who can carry out effective repairs that will be in keeping with the character of the property. The roofing contractor can help you with the approval process and before very long, the work can begin.

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