How to Choose the Perfect Composite Door for Your Home


When choosing a new front door, the marketplace provides a wide range of options and styles. If you have done your homework, you would know that door options like traditional timber doors and PVC doors, while good in certain circumstances, do not have the same well-rounded versatility of a composite door.

Once this is discovered, the challenge becomes more about choosing the right type of composite door for your home and how to make the best of your entrance. With the options available to you, your composite front door can be perfectly designed and fit for your home. But how do you get the perfect door? Ask these questions!

What Style of Home Do I Have?

According to Maria from Doors Galore “The entrance to a classical or country home will look radically different than that of a modern home in the centre of the city. This diversity of tastes and styles means that door designers are always producing a variety of designs to choose from to best suit your needs.” You may also want to consider the type of door furniture or post box you currently own or plan on putting near it once you have installed the door.

Material and Colour Options

One of the most exciting options of custom composite doors is the ability to choose specific and custom colours. This means that you can have a truly unique door with a colour that matches your home perfectly, whether that be pastel, muted natural colours or bright designs.  The material from which your door is made is another key factor when buying a composite front door. GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) is often used in composite doors because it creates a long-lasting durable cover which protects it from the elements, helping to keep those colours bright for a long time.

Glass or No Glass?

Glazing makes a significant difference and depending upon the colour of the walls inside the door or the amount of natural light it already gets, you may want to add some glazing panels to let in more light or to give you a vantage point to look outside.

Hardware Options

One of the best ways to accessorize your door is to choose the hardware that fits your style and aesthetic. Whether they be metallic, matte or glossy, the hardware provides an avenue to share a little about your house and yourself in a subtle way.

Thermal/Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

While this may not affect the door’s look, it definitely affects its functionality and some of the most commonly asked questions about a door is about its energy efficiency and sustainability. Composite doors use innovative features like insulated and foam cores to help with thermal efficiency without compromising strength or quality.

Locking and Security Choices

The front door needs to be safe! Multipoint locking systems and differing door lock options are available for all different types of composite doors and are one of the reasons that composite doors are so popular. By using multi-point locking systems and providing the security options consumers are looking for, composite doors can suit almost any home or office. 

Door Costs

Finally, the cost of the door is another important factor in choosing the perfect composite door for your home. Composite doors range in price based on their features but are affordable for most homeowners looking to replace their old door with a newer, more efficient and more secure door.

Choosing the Right Composite Door

Many factors affect the final decision but if you take in mind the style of your home, the colour options, whether you need glazing or not and the other features discussed here, you will be able to choose the right door for you and your home.

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