Wassily Chair – Product Review



The wassily chair with its modern skeleton is a piece of furniture that redefined the way people perceived typical chairs. Further, we’ll be taking a look at everything that you need to know about it:

About the chair


The resemblance might not be overly uncanny, but the wassily chair was actually inspired by the frame of the bicycle and its overall design was influenced greatly by the ‘constructivist’ theories that came with the De Stilj movement. Marcel Breuer – the mastermind behind its actual design – was known for experimenting with tubular steel while at the Bauhaus school, and later, managed to recreate the entire aesthetic of the club chair by reducing it to its elemental plains.

There’s an actual – and very interesting – story behind the design of this chair that makes for great trivia knowledge. It also makes the chair feel a lot more personal. Breuer’s fascination with bicycle was because he thought it ‘perfect’ in design. This is because 20-30 years down the lane, it still managed to retain its original form. Breuer was, at that point, friends with an architect who told him the following words, “…You’d be interested because they bend those steel tubes like macaroni.”

These words remained in Breuer’s mind, which led him to experiment with steel tubes and come up with the prototype of the wassily chair. It was later polished to perfection with no welding points visible so that it looked very clean, homogenous, and the epitome of modern chic.

About the designer

Marcel Breuer was a pioneer in both modern furniture and architecture. He was a an excellent student at Bauhaus – a protégé of Walter Gropius himself – and is well-known for his work with tubular steel and bicycle-inspired modern details. His wassily chair is amongst the most unique and distinguished works of modern furniture design, and remain total classics even to this day.

About the materials


The basic material scheme of the wassily chair was quite inspired back in the day (circa 1925-1926) while he was the head of the cabinet-making workshop at the Bauhaus school in Germany. The frame of this chair consists of seamlessly molded tubular steel with a polished chrome finish and a high quality leather seat where you can sit back and relax in the most comfortable manner.

Points to ponder before purchase

The overall styling of this chair is very unique, so the only point that you need to ponder before purchase is that if it would really suit your interior design theme? Because it would look very dominant and uninspired if set up in contradicting surroundings, which brings us to the next point….

Matching interior design themes


Here are a few interior design themes that the wassily chair can be set up in:

  • Industrial: The bicycle-inspired visuals of the wassily chair would be the perfect shoe-in for a creative industrial style home or commercial interior design.
  • Modern: Built for this particular style, the clean aesthetic and achromatic beauty of this chair would look stunning even to this day.
  • Contemporary: Timelessly elegant, the wassily chair would look great inside an artfully mismatched contemporary ambiance that consists of the latest, greatest trends.
  • Retro: The unique styling and clean angles of this chair would make an excellent statement piece in a retro style interior design.

So, this is everything that you need to know about the wassily chair. Understanding its make and concept would definitely help you make a more informed decision while making a purchase.

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