A guide to buying a bed frame


Looking for a bed frame appropriate for you is not a challenging task, especially when it comes to a mattress size. But there are many other factors to look out for, like material, color, and frame style- these can easily overwhelm you.

If you need a bed that fits your need and style, this article will help you.

The platform bed frame

Platform bed frame is one of the popular bed frames. They come in a wide range of styles, from sleek to low-profile types. The flat base of a platform bed frame is what distinguishes it from other types. You only need a mattress and no box spring required.

The platform bed frames are pretty affordable, and you don’t have to purchase a box spring to go with them. Again, any type of mattress from the queen to the king-size can perfectly fit this bed frame. Memory-foam mattresses are a great choice for these.

For small bedrooms, the platform bed frames are the best. They have a sleek design that takes up floor space nicely and helps minimize clutter. The main challenge with these bed frames is that they are low to the ground; therefore, they can be an issue in and out of bed.

Upholstered bed frames

Are you looking for a luxurious bed? Then the upholstered bed has you covered. This type of bed is bold and super comfy and will easily fit in any space. It has a soft headboard and a cushioned support, which means you can watch or read while in bed. 

 You can choose different colors, pattern choices, and it’s easy to get a design that perfectly matches your bedroom. When looking for this kind of a bed, get one with sturdy hardwoods and a fabric that stands up to minimal wear, such as purple, grey, or even navy.

Storage bed

This one is designed specifically for those who would want enhanced storage in their bedroom. It’s the most multipurpose and space-efficient type of bed frame there is in the market. The storage capabilities are perfectly designed into the frames, so you have a cohesive unit with everything you need. It’s also made with beautiful and robust woods that are sturdy.

When looking for the storage bed, get one with the storage built right into the base to allow for a firm mattress support. The type is perfect for eclectic and modern-style rooms, especially in a city apartment where storage is an issue.

Sleigh bed frame

This type of bed frame is exactly as it sounds. It’s shaped as a sleigh with a footboard and a headboard. This type has serious styles and can work in any setting. The sleigh bed is a piece that will make a statement and become the focal point of your bedroom. The beds come in styles ranging from solid wood to upholstered versions that have streamlined appeal.

Anytime you go buying a bed frame, consider the style and size of your bedroom. That will tell you the color, pattern, and the size of a bed that you go for. Again, if you’ve limited space, you may need to go for a bed with inbuilt storage space.

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