Is It Time To Replace Your Fabric Sofa?


The home sofa is a signature piece of furniture that shouts your sense of style and helps to define the interior design of the entire home. You relax on a cool Sunday afternoon and after taking meals. Besides, most people like to rest on the sofa chatting with friends about business ideas or even courting.

The central nature of the sofa in a home means one thing; it must be in top condition. If it is damaged or is in a dilapidated state, your sense of style can get compromised. Therefore, how do you tell when it is time to replace your sofa?

The cushions of the fabric sofa have become flat

When the fabric sofa is new, its cushions are always erect. You can relax on the couch or kinds can jump on it for many hours without damaging the cushions. They immediately spring back to the lovely full position and give the sofa an impressive outlook.

However, the cushions will ultimately get degraded. After some time, they lose their elasticity and become flat. This is one indicator that your sofa has seen the better part of its days and you should consider getting a replacement.

The color of fabric sofa is faded

The construction of every handcrafted sofa from top manufacturers involves the use of top quality materials. From wood selection to the fabric, the target is ensuring that only the long-lasting materials are used.

Despite this focus on quality and proper maintenance by the sofa owner, the cover will finally fade. This process can happen faster than expected if the sofa is exposed to direct sun radiation and humidity. Scrubbing can also cause the sofa’s fabric to fade.

When you notice signs of fading, this is an indication that your sofa might need a replacement. Even if you go for lose covers to give the sofas a new appearance, the outlook cannot last long. It is important to start preparing for a replacement.

Go for a new fabric sofa after redecorating the living room

There comes a time when you feel that personal lifestyle need to change. Many people consider this period to be the beginning of a new year, after acquiring a new job, starting a family, or moving to a new house. It is simply a time to move on with better things.

This period of change is marked by the introduction of new themes to reflect the new lifestyle status. As you redecorate the walls and change the curtains, it is time to also shift to a more comfy sofa. Here, it does not matter whether the sofa is old or not. If it does not rhyme with the new personal lifestyle preference, you need to get a new one.

How to save money when buying a fabric sofa

Now that you have established when to go for a new fabric sofa, the next question is; “How do you save money on the new purchase?”

  • Consider buying when stores are having clearance sales. Many retail stores sell their furniture at discounted prices when clearing old stock and planning to bring new pieces. To know when such clearance sales are on, you need to follow various furniture stores by signing to their mailing lists.
  • Negotiate for lower rates. Though most stores have prices attached to their comfy sofa pieces, you will be surprised by the amount you can save by negotiating with the sales team. The target is presenting an offer and demonstrating the willingness to walk away. Most sales managers will not allow you to go away. Instead, they will give a counteroffer that is lower than the price posted on their website.
  • Target hitting the purchase levels to qualify for special discounts. Many stores provide special discounts to buyers when they reach a specific purchase level. To enjoy this special discount, you should consider buying items such as handcrafted sofa, dining table, and lighting items such as chandelier lamps.
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