How to Choose and Replace Door Handles During Renovation of Your Home


When you are installing a new door, you should not forget about choosing the best door handle and locking procedure. Not only has a good handle works perfectly but also convenient and comfortable to use. It aids to home security as well. But if you are not pro in picking the best one, you might end up in spending lots of money behind the door handles which is not profitable at all. There are lots of options available in the market, but major types of door handles fall under a category like doorknobs, handle sets and levers. 

The factors to check before choosing a door handle are-

  1. Check The Type That You Are Looking For

As said earlier, there are lots of options available in the market; you have to be sure what type exactly you are looking for. The doorknob is the classic door handle which is round or square in look and need twisting for operation. It is one of the popular doors handles available but not a good choice for people who have arthritis or physical deformities. Other choices available are lever handle and handle sets. 

  1. The Look And Appeal Also Matters A Lot

Apart from choosing the type of door handle, you are looking for; do not forget to consider the look and appeal of the same. These features affect the overall look of your door. If you have a similar door in every room of your house, you might want to use some other types of door handle for maintaining uniformity. In many houses, people use the best quality door handle on the main entry door, and the rest of the doors have other types. 

  1. The Cost Of Door Handles

The cost of door handle is one of the most important factors to consider. It comes along with some additional costs that add up during installation. Hence, before you are buying a handle, check it out at display area at the store to get an idea of how comfortable it looks. 

Removing the Old Handle and Replacing It with a New One

Once you have decided to replace the interior handle of your door, you must remove the old one first and then install a new one at the same place. This process is quite intimidating; hence, better to take help from a professional to do the same. Mostly, people replace old handle at the time of home renovation and the expert who is doing the renovation work will only assist you in removing the handle too. 

Here are some steps to remove the old handle and replace with a new one-

  1. Removing the knob
  2. Removing the latch
  3. Removing the strike plate

Once you have removed the old one, it is the time to install it with a new one. Make sure to buy a fitted door handle that correctly fits the space left by the old door handle. If you are using a knob with lock system, check it has the perfect locking mechanism or not. To install the new handle, insert latch assembly, screw-on doorknob, insert new strike plate and test to make sure it works fine. 

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