Thinking about changing the Cleaning Company


If you are interested in knowing which the best facade cleaning companies are, it is because your building does not look as it should. There are many reasons why a building can get dirty, but fortunately we can find a professional cleaning team to solve it for us.

Why is it important to clean a facade?

Although the main reason is aesthetics, the truth is that poor facade cleaning can lead to more serious problems. Therefore, in this building maintenance plan of your community, this point should always be included.

If you are thinking of buying a house, surely you would not look at one whose facade is completely obscured and with jets. Well, the same happens if you want to sell your home clean and beautiful. Therefore, you should turn to the power washing jax fl, to help you recover the initial state of your facade.

You should know that the cleaning of stone facades does not resemble the cleaning of other types of facades. We recommend that you inform yourself well before hiring a service and make sure that you are in the hands of professionals.

Another recommendation we want to make is that you don’t get carried away by the low prices of unskilled people. Calculate the price in m2 of cleaning your facade by contacting one of the companies that we bring you below. And remember that cheap can sometimes be expensive.

Causes for facades getting dirty

Although there are many causes for which the facades can get dirty, here we bring you a list with the causes for which the facades get dirty according to the facade cleaning companies. Are you familiar?

A bad construction

This reason is directly related to the rain. If the buildings are not built with water drains, when it rains, the water will descend through the wall of the building dragging all kinds of dirt in its path.

This is the cause of the well-known drippers, those black spots that appear under the windows. Does your house have goters? Contact one of the façade cleaning companies, they can make them disappear.


Graffiti is another major cause of staining a building. These works of art, for some, and acts of vandalism, for others, are usually quite annoying and are one of the main causes for which a building cleaning service is hired.

The cleaning graffiti must be always with the cleaning companies facades, and you need a professional to assess how best cleaning technique. This will depend on the type of paint that has been used and the material of the facade itself.

How to clean a facade?

Keep in mind that cleaning a facade is a type of work that is included in vertical work . We recommend that you trust the facade cleaning companies to perform this job safely and professionally.

Pressurized water

Facade cleaning with pressurized water is the most common method of cleaning facades. It consists of using a hose that expels water under pressure to eliminate dirt.

You should keep in mind that the biggest enemy of building facades is water. If the building is very eroded or dirt is very embedded, this method can become counterproductive.

Once again we remind you of the importance of contacting the building cleaning companies to assess the situation of the building and perform a professional and effective cleaning.

When the dirt is too embedded, you have to resort to stronger methods. One of them is pressure cleaning with sand, which directly affects the facade.

This method is often used in buildings that need a rehabilitation of the facade and want to remove rust stains from its surface, for example.

Best facade cleaning companies

If you have already convinced yourself of the importance of cleaning the facade of a building , but above all, how important it is to hire any of the facade cleaning companies that can ensure you a professional service, do not miss what comes next .

Here is the list of the best facade cleaning companies you can find. Search, compare and contact the one you think best suits your needs.

We can offer you, in addition to cleaning the facades, a pole cleaning service , to reach the top. First we evaluate your facade, then we plan the best way of acting and finally, we carry it out. All this offering you a quality service at the best price. Ask for your budget to know more!

Lens cleaning companies

Perhaps they are one of the most veteran façade cleaning companies with more than 30 years of experience in the cleaning sector. They also offer cleaning service for buildings, offices, premises and industries.

As a complement to the cleaning of your facade, they can offer you a glass cleaning service , regardless of the height and always offering maximum professionalism in the service . Find out to know more about this company and its services.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you are not interested in cleaning a high facade, surely you are interested in this company. They can offer you a community cleaning service that, in addition to the facade, also handles the portals and other common areas of your community.

They have all the necessary machinery to perform the cleaning work you request. They work with products that respect the environment and always adjust the price of each service without being at odds with quality. Does it fit what you are looking for?

Another of the façade cleaning companies that we bring you is La Aurora. This company was born with the objective of offering its clients a wide range of services so that they find what they are looking for.

You may be interested in its façade cleaning service, which complement other services such as graffiti cleaning or the presentation of community services. If you want to know more about them and what they can offer you, visit their website.

And here is our list of the best facade cleaning companies. We hope that in this article you have found what you were looking for and you have convinced yourself how important it is to have professional services to obtain quality results.

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