Follow these simple but very effective steps in choosing a reliable buyer’s agent for your house


One of the biggest investment, or probably, the biggest one that you have in your lifetime is buying a house, however, not every one of us can hold long for that property for some reasons and it is needed to be sold in the real estate market, and the problem is, not every one of us are experts in marketing our own houses if we plan to sell it in the first place.

Selling it on your own without any knowledge about the aspects of the real estate industry is like risking your important investment to be sold unreasonably which is why hiring a buyer’s agent should be your top priority before you even put a “house for sale” signage in front of your yard.

Finding a real estate agent or a buyer’s agent is quite easy, you can find them anywhere, especially on the internet, however, the question is, do you know the right criteria in finding the appropriate buyer’s agent that can help you sell your house for a very reasonable price?

Listed below are some of the best tips that you can use in finding the best buyer’s agent, so take time and read thoroughly. This article is compiled by Melbourne’s leading buyers agent and vendor advocate firm.

  1. A little research will do, in finding a buyer’s agent, like what is mentioned above can be done online or through shopping around your area. However, the best and most convenient way today is to visit the websites of real estate companies. Reliable real estate companies have their own sites to provide a better reach to their current and potential clients. Also, visiting a real estate company’s office personally is also a good way.
  2. Ask them to visit your house and inspect it- If they say yes, then it is a sign that they are interested with your property, and it is also one way that they are reliable considering that they personally visit your house to make sure that you are not joking at all. It would be better to deal with a real estate agent who is willing to meet up with you in person and inspects your house as well.
  3. Can give you the best options and realistic value of your house- Setting your expectations is one way to settle you down, and only a reliable buyer’s agent can make this. The price of your house could probably half cheaper than its original price when you bought it because of depreciation, also its location and its current structural integrity and the materials used in making it will play a big factor to its selling price in the market which the buyer’s agent will tell you.
  4. Can give you prospect buyers and great pricing options- A reliable buyer’s agent will be the one who will market the house on your behalf, they will look for customers who are searching for houses and will set a meeting between you three with the hopes of reaching a reasonable agreement. Also, a reliable buyer’s agent is willing to exert extra effort to pitch your house to a higher price.

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