Essential Things To Consider When Buying Water Filter Cartridges


Every living thing requires water to live. But there’s more. Human beings require clean water to live. Statistics show that chemical solvents and pollution from industries and the atmosphere has made the water unfit for consumption. If you consume such water, you may be infected with water-borne diseases.

Fortunately, some companies have developed filtered water taps to purify your water and ensure they’re safe. An integral part of these taps is the water filter cartridge. This cartridge is responsible for the purification process. If it breaks down, you’ll have to buy a new one. 

However, this isn’t a simple task because of the numerous cartridges being sold in the market. So, to get the correct cartridge for your water filter tap, you must do some research. 

Here are some things you should consider when buying a filter cartridge. 

  • Durability

Filter cartridges, like other mechanical devices, have a working life span. This span is what’s referred to as capacity, and capacity is the volume of water that the cartridge can filter before replacement. 

Under-counter, counter-top, and faucet filters have a higher filtration capacity than filter pitchers. You want to buy them if you need long-lasting cartridges. 

  • Budget

The amount you’re planning to invest in a cartridge will also determine the quality you purchase. These devices’ prices vary depending on their size and quality. Durable and big cartridges cost more than average quality and small-sized cartridges. 

If you’re in for a long-term investment, it’s advisable to purchase durable cartridges.  Though they’re initially expensive, they’re cheap in the long run. Buying low-quality cartridges will make you go to the shop frequently. The result? You’ll spend more. 

  • Maintenance Costs

It’s vital to analyze the maintenance cost of a cartridge before purchasing it. This cost will depend on the type of tap you have because the cartridge is part of the water purification system. If you have expensive filtered water taps, you may require costly cartridges that may cost more to maintain. 

The good news? You can avoid paying more money on maintenance by regularly servicing your taps and cartridges. It’s best to service the purifier system after every three months. During this time, clean the filters and replace the worn-out ones. If you religiously follow this routine, your filters will last longer. 

  • Registration

Cartridges are an essential part of water purifiers, and water purifiers are crucial parts of every household. Because of this, most companies manufacture water purification systems, including cartridges. Unfortunately, some are out to exploit homeowners of their hard-earned cash by selling them substandard products. 

Interestingly, most of these substandard cartridges are cheap. The bad news is that they don’t have a quality check. So, before buying your cartridge, confirm that it’s registered. Purchasing these products from registered franchises can save you from the hassle of confirming the checks. 

You can know whether a company is registered by confirming if it’s in the online database of the registrar of companies in your country. 

The Bottom Line

An excellent cartridge will ensure that water purification systems functions optimally. And if the system is effective, your family will be healthy.

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