5 accent chairs to enhance your midcentury modern living room


If there is one thing that the midcentury modern era excelled in, it’s the conception of some of the most iconic accent chairs that exist even to this day. Today, the accent chair is a living room essential that can add more visual interest and diversity within the space. If you’re searching for the perfect accompaniment, then here are 5 to enhance the quality of your mid century modern living room:

  1. Husk chair high back


The Husk chair with its accompanying ottoman is perfect for a midcentury modern living room that needs a contemporary edge. It has a very comfortable yet officious vibe. Its oversized tufting and solid color scheme gives it a highly modern edge and makes it the perfect choice to complement a lightly hued sectional. You can simply sit back and relax here if you don’t feel like splaying awkwardly on the sofa.

  1. Egg chair


Arne Jacobson’s Egg chair is a total masterpiece and would be an excellent addition to any midcentury modern living room. Its sleek curved and body-hugging from is an excellent way to introduce a unique aura in your paces. Moreover, its unconventional design would accent any sectional sofa with panache and unfettered distinctness. You can even customize its upholstery color to contrast with your living room theme.

  1. Womb chair and ottoman


The womb chair with its accompanying ottoman is another iconic accent piece that can make your midcentury modern living room feel extremely distinguished. You can set this up beside your fireplace or right in front of the media console. Once again, the solid color scheme and sleek metal legs of both pieces would be an excellent way to contrast the sofa and other essential surroundings.

  1. Papa bear chair


The large body and welcoming arms of the Papa Bear chair are as charismatic as they are unique. This chair is a midcentury modern living room icon that offers a timeless appeal and a nostalgic vintage aura that would make your spaces feel stylishly retro. You can use it as a solitary piece with an ottoman or set up a pair of them right in front of the main sectional. You can even play with its upholstery colors to add more contrast within your living room ambiance.

  1. Wassily chair


The structured – almost scientific – formation of the Wassily chair is one of the most unique creations of the midcentury modern era. It’s not only stunning but features an economy of pragmatics that are artful in their simplicity. Its chrome and black visuals would be an excellent addition in your midcentury modern living room – a great way to accent the space in a cleverly artistic way.

All of these accent chairs have the ability to imbue your mid century modern living room with the utmost grace and panache. We hope that this list helps you tow down your accent chair dilemma and pick the perfect piece.

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