Essential Tips for Decorating a Living Room


Decorating your own living room is an exciting and challenging experience. Your living room tends to be the centre of your home where everyone congregates to watch TV, lounge on the sofa or catch up for a chat with family and friends. Expert painters and decorators in Bromley recommend following some simple rules when designing your living room. If you aren’t comfortable with doing some of the tasks that lie ahead, you can call a professional for help.

Professional painters and decorators offer a wide variety of services which include:

  • Ceiling and wall painting
  • Doors
  • Picture rails
  • Floor varnishing & sanding services
  • Staircase renovations

When decorating your living room, keep these important rules in mind to ensure a successful project.

Focal Point – Find a specific feature in your room that you can work around, this could be anything from a piece of artwork to a quality rug to a trendy fireplace. Once you identify the main point of interest, you can build your project around it.

Functionality – It is important to make the design practical, you’ll be living in the room, so create a setting which looks great and runs smoothly.

Scaled Pieces – To create a balanced environment, you must purchase scaled pieces. This means filling the room with different sized objects to ensure harmony.

Use Lighting – Many homeowners overlook the importance of lighting when designing their living room. Any professional decorator will tell you that proper use of lighting can make a huge difference when designing any room in your home.

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