What are the Benefits of Adding Sisal Carpets into Your Home


You may have had the opportunity to decorate the flooring of your home with some kind of synthetic carpet combinations in every room. But now you have the chance to go for change, and this change comes in the form of Sisal Carpets. These carpets are hand crafted and hand designed from Sisal – a special kind of fiber, which belongs to the succulent plant from the Agavaceae family. The plant is specifically grown in Yucatan peninsula that falls inside the Mexican region.

Benefits of Sisal Carpets

Here are few indispensable benefits of sisal carpets, when you add them in your bedroom, living room or anywhere else in your room:

#1 Benefit -Addition of value and simplicity – Sisal carpets are known for their simplicity and natural beauty, and if you have the interest of adding the simplicity and beauty on the home flooring, then you just do not have to look anywhere else. Sisal flooring will give you everything that you have desired.

#2 Benefit – Resistance to environmental changes and easy to clean – The tensile strength of sisal fiber as well as the extent of softness of sisal fibers are close to silk threads. The ease of cleaning sisal carpets can be counted hundred times more in comparison to silk threads. Adding the carpets drawn from sisal in the transit areas of your home, especially at the entrance and hallways would not require much of cleaning.

#3 Benefit – Custom designed for your needs – The carpets and rugs made from sisal fibers can be custom designed and custom handmade depending on the requirements of a room or particular area. You do not have to go for the idea of “ONE SIZE FITS ALL.” Customization makes sisal carpets the first choice.

#4 Benefit – High comfort and great versatility – Not many carpets bring comfort on flooring, and only a few of them have versatile nature.Sisal carpets have both of them. You can draw them just anywhere – Kitchen area, dining room, and just anywhere in the living area.

#5 Benefit – No dust accumulation – Sisal carpets do not accumulate dust particles and therefore, the idea of having dirt accumulated does not fit anywhere.

Keeping the benefits of adding Sisal carpets into your home, you are now quite aware of the advantages. If your home has more the number of children than adults, it would be suggestible that you add non-slipping Felt-Stop underneath the complete surface area of the carpet. This will help in securing the ground, and more importantly, prevent any accidental fall of children under any kind of mis eventuality.

And finally, above everything else, you know it well that Floorspace sisal carpets do not stain. In case you find that a bit of stain, you do not have to rub over as this is going to increase the surface area of staining. Instead, it is good idea to let the stain get absorbed with the help of paper towel. You are going to find that everything is clean and fine once again. Professional cleaning will not be required anymore; at least anytime soon.

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