How to Design the Perfect Garage


When decorating your home, every area of your house is important. Some people overlook the garage and don’t put much work into it. The garage can be seen as a mere space for clutter and store things you don’t even use.

Yet, your garage is equally as important as every other room. Even if you don’t plan on spending much of your time there, having the perfect garage will not only suit the design of the rest of your house but will also give it a cozy setting.

Continue reading to learn how you can design the perfect garage!

Keep it Clutter-Free

When we think of garages, we usually picture a dark, cluttered space filled with junk. Tools scattered in a corner, boxes stacked one on top of the other, and old toys gathering dust and mold.

Yes, most people use their garages as storage units. However, there are ways you can organize your stuff where it won’t look as cramped.

Get rid of unnecessary items that you know you won’t need or don’t use anymore. Having clutter not only looks bad but, it is a source of stress and anxiety for some.

Once you’ve done a deep cleaning of things, implement things such as shelves, bookcases, or cabinets to keep your stuff put away neatly. It’s never nice to have your mess on display.

Choose a Good Design

A garage doesn’t have to be a dark, gray space. It seems to be the stereotype design, but you can aim to use something lighter and brighter. You also want it to match the style of the rest of your house.

For example, the paint you used for your home’s general look can also be used in the garage. If not, you could aim for something like a cream, beige, or even white color. Also, you could add some nice tiles to your garage instead of leaving it as pavement.

Security System

Your garage should be stylish without a doubt. Just because you’re decorating it doesn’t mean you should forget about the security system. Chances are, you’ll be storing your most expensive tools and equipment there, including your car.

The security system you install in your home should cover your garage as well. If not, look into installing a separate security system for your garage. Also, think about installing cameras inside and right outside your garage to keep an eye out for potential intruders.

Garage Door

Don’t overlook your garage door, as it’s equally as important as the inside of your garage. After all, it’s what people see when they pass by your house. Investing in a top-quality garage door can help improve your home’s style and even increase your house’s value.

Find one that matches the exterior design of your home. If you don’t have the budget to install a brand new door, you could dedicate time to painting a fresh new coat and polishing up any defects on it. This blog explains how you can create your own garage door parts for maintenance.

Your Tools Should Have Enough Space

Set aside a corner for your things. Don’t just grab random stuff and place them wherever they can fit. Set aside a corner for your landscaping tools or other equipment.

Even if you decide to buy drawers and cabinets to store your things, make sure your tools are assigned to a certain space. It’ll help you keep your things organized, and you’ll avoid losing or misplacing important items.

Keep it Warm

There’s nothing worse than a cold garage floor, especially if you live in a cold place and you spend time working on your car most weekends. There are tubing systems available that can be placed under your garage floor tiles. It’ll heat your floors, which will also heat the rest of your garage.

However, if you’re living in a colder area, invest in a heating system just for your garage. They’re not as expensive as one would think and come in handy, and it’ll add just enough warmth to make it cozy and comfortable to spend your time there.

Insurance Policies

The perfect garage includes having good insurance. Usually, when there are blizzards or excessive rain, your garage is the first room of your home to take on damage. Having good coverage will help you in the long-run in case of unexpected events that take a toll on your garage.

AC is Also Important

Just as the right heating system is important for your garage during the winter, a good AC system is just as crucial for when it gets warm. When the weather is hot, garages tend to gather lots of humidity and can cause your tools to rust or your items to build mold.

With a proper AC unit, the air in your garage will circulate with more ease, preventing any moisture from building up. It’ll also make it more comfortable for you to be there if you spend a lot of time working in your garage.

Start Working Towards Your Perfect Garage

Even though it might take time and energy to create your perfect garage, it’ll be worth it. You’ll have a beautiful yet, functional space. Set aside enough time to plan out your design.

See how long it will take and just how much of your savings you’ll need. You’ll be surprised as to how cheap it can be to fix up your garage fully. Keep exploring our website to find more articles with useful tips on home maintenance or for fresh decoration ideas!

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