3 Home Decor Tips For Small Apartments


Whether you have just recently moved into a new space and have downsized, or you are looking to spruce up a specific small area of your home, designing a small space can pose some huge challenges. The good news is that many people live or work in very tiny areas and they are able to make it work, so it is definitely possible.

There are so many tricks and tips out there to help you, as well as whole blogs, channels, and feeds dedicated to teaching people how to make the most of a space no matter its square footage. To get you started, here are 3 simple home decor tips for small spaces.

Work Around One Piece

In a small space it can be hard to imagine a concept for how you want the final product to turn out. If you want to make the whole process easier on yourself, one amazing tip is to start with one piece of furniture or art that you really like, and then design the rest of the space around that.

For example, you may buy a new bed frame that has a certain feel to it. Once you get that into the room you want it to be in, you may find that you are able to envision the rest of the space around it. Using one or two pieces as inspiration or picking a theme can really help you to make a small space come together rather quickly.

Keep It Simple

Opting for a more simplistic or minimalist design with less clutter is a great thing to do when you are dealing with a small and confined space. If you have too much going on, it can actually make a small room look and feel even smaller than it actually is.

Try to avoid mixing and matching too many prints or colors, or bombarding shelves with too many different decorations. Sometimes less is more and this is definitely true when it comes to the interior design of a small space.

Create Illusions

Creating illusions within your space by using certain colors, patterns, or even mirrors can be an excellent way to make a space appear much larger. By tricking the eyes this way, it won’t even bother you anymore that your space is “too small” because it will feel comfortable, cozy, and just like home.

Although many people might be unhappy with how small their home is, there are actually many upsides to smaller spaces. For instance, it won’t take a very long time to design the interior, costs will be lower, and you will also have much less to worry about and/or clean. Hopefully, this list will help you to love your space despite any shortcomings it may have.

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