5 Fun and exciting bunk bedroom ideas


Having your kids share a room is filled with challenges. No matter the closeness of the two of them, conflicts will arise over space and property—such as they have. One of the ways to suppress this tension before it has time to rise is to make the room fun and interesting. If your children see it as a space they can both enjoy, indeed that they love going to, things will go a lot smoother.

There are also practical matters to consider. As you no doubt have noticed, your children have more clothes, toys, and other objects than you thought. These must always be kept tidy, and so you must arrange the space in a way that makes that easy to accomplish.

Here are 5 bunk bedroom ideas for the space shared by your kids:


You can make the room convertible into a lounge area. This is done by removing the bottom bunk and putting in whatever they enjoy. You can make it a study area or a place for them to color and draw in. Depending on the age of your children, you may think about keeping a small desk and chairs on standby, so that they can write or play on the computer.

Spruce up the beds

You may have purchased the bunk beds for their size, quality, and dimensions only. The beds may be solid but boring. The beds belong to them, so why not let your children choose a color they would like them to be and paint them. This will give them the chance to express their individuality. At the same time, they will gain a greater sense of joint ownership of the space.

Add storage space

If you are like most parents, you bought your children bunk beds because they take up less space in the room. It is important that your children not be crammed into a room. Bunk beds give them room to walk around and breathe a bit. However, you can enhance the bunk beds by adding an extra storage space. Your kids will be able to keep clothes, socks, toys, and so forth in such storage containers.


Adding curtains is a great way to improve not only the beds, but the atmosphere of the room itself. Putting colorful draping curtains on the beds that either match or complement the ones that cover the window is a great way to make the room warmer and more relaxing.

Different size beds

You may also consider installing a full bed at the bottom and twin bed on top. This will certainly add to the charm of the room. It is most appropriate if one of your kids is a little older than the other. The older will no doubt feel themselves entitled to some special recognition or mark of distinction. This is a good way to give it to them. This can be very expensive if you buy two different beds. However, you can make a small bed on your own. It is much easier than you think.
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