Greenville Garage Organization Service: How to Organize Garages


In this article, we are going to take a closer look at how to keep messy garages clean. Organizing garages can seem like a very tedious and daunting task; however, it does not have to be that hard. We have put together some helpful tips that will people get their garages as neat and organized as possible.

Start fresh

If it is possible, people need to start with clean garages. If they are moving into a new home, it is already done for them. If space is “well lived in,” this might be one of the hardest parts when organizing. Make sure to start the work on a nice, sunny day. Find a good place to park your car, and empty the area as well as you can. If you think that the project can extend over a couple of weeks, make sure to consider renting portable storage containers to secure your items in the driveway.

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Categorizing is probably one of the most critical parts when organizing garages. The firs categories people will want are, donate piles, recycling, and garbage. Keeping things that people no longer need will only give them problems in the long run.

Other categories may include automotive, gardening, holiday decorations, or home improvement tools. Choose the category or categories that will perfectly suit for what you will put in that space. When you put like-items together, it will be a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

Containers and boxes

Try picking three standard-size containers or boxes. Homeowners will probably need a lot of large containers or boxes for things like holiday decorations or winter blankets. Medium containers or boxes can fit different types of items, from clothes, shoes to kitchen equipment. Heavier items like pots should be placed in small containers.

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If homeowners have shelvings, make sure to measure the dimensions available for the containers before buying them. If you are planning to stack the containers or boxes, make sure that they are designed for stacking. Do not overpack your boxes.

Shelving and pegboards

It is the part of organizing that homeowners need to spend more or make an investment. When it comes to its economic side, homeowners can easily install cheap and simple pegboards for quick and easy access to regularly-used items and everyday tools.

Pegboards are very cheap. It also works best with different hooks, accessories, small shelves, bins, and even sets with custom hooks for various tools. Homeowners can also find cheap and affordable shelvings that can hold their boxes and containers.

If they are willing to spend some money, the sky is the limit with companies or businesses who can install shelving systems and full storage or custom cabinets that can fit whatever they want to keep in their garages. To get more information about organizing areas in your house, you can check out companies like Closet Pro – garage organization service and other service providers for tips and tricks.


Once you homeowners get to this point, the real hard work is already over. To have easy access to the area and things stored in it, they need to put their most commonly used tools and items between eye level and waist height. Below and above these spaces, they may want to put their seasonal items or things that they do not need to access that often.

Also, homeowners need to remember not to place heavy items like pots and appliances on the top level or leave them improperly secured, because if it falls, it could fall on people living in the house. Another safety tip: if homeowners are storing gardening or automotive chemicals, or other flammable materials, make sure always to read the label because these items may need a properly ventilated area or have additional storage requirements.

If the things mentioned here seem like a very tedious task, do not worry. Homeowners can always take it one step at a time. One weekend, they can get rid of the things they do not need and repack the items that they do. The following weekend, they can install some pegboards and shelving.

After that, they can put all their items in their organized and neat home. They will be surprised at how easy for them to work around an easy to use and organized garage that they always wanted. Perhaps once they are done, they will be ready to organize other parts of their house.

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