3 Things To Teach Your Kids About Keeping Their Bathroom Clean


While kids are notorious for making homes messy, when they reach a certain age, they should begin helping you to keep the home clean and organized, especially in the areas of the home that they are using.

One room in the home where kids can be particularly helpful is in the bathroom. So if you’re wanting your kids to start doing more of their share in keeping this space clean, here are three things to teach your kids about keeping their bathroom clean.

Keep Things Off The Floor

One of the first things you should teach your kids about keeping a bathroom clean is that they need to always keep things off of the floor.

When getting ready to bathe, it’s very common for kids to throw their clothes onto the floor. And while this is fine while they’re in the shower, as soon as they get out, they should get into the habit of taking their clothes with them and putting them where dirty clothes belong. Additionally, rather than just dropping their used towels on the floor in the bathroom, put up quite a few towel hangers so that towels can be easily placed in the right areas to dry for their next use.

Not only will keeping things off of the floor help to keep the bathroom safer for use, but it will also help to keep things clean and sanitary.

Leave Surfaces Clear

Something else that you should teach your kids about keeping the bathroom clean is to clean off all of the surfaces of the bathroom before they leave.

Especially for teens, it’s easy to get out a lot of different products and just leave them there all day. But if they are sharing a bathroom with other siblings, or even just to help keep the space clean for themselves, it’s important to put everything away after they’re done using. While this might require having to get more storage spaces, it will be well worth it to help keep the bathroom clean.

If You Spill Something, Wipe It Up

The last thing that you can teach kids of basically any age is to clean up any messes or spills that they create in the bathroom.

For young kids, it’s easy to splash outside of the bath and onto the bathroom floor. And while you likely have an overflow plate in the bathtub, big splashes still can happen. So when they get out of the bath, teach them to wipe up any wetness on the floor. Along with this, if they get water on the counter or splash onto the mirror, they should also know to automatically clean this up.

By implementing the cleaning tips mentioned above, your kids will learn to clean the bathroom as they go so that they can always have a clean place to get ready for the day or night.

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