How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Apartment In Winter?


Most people prefer to spend the winter warm, so they are at home much more often than during warmer times of the year. Free time is spent watching TV shows and movies, socializing with family and doing all sorts of household chores. At the same time, conscientious people understand that it is necessary not only to relax, but also to maintain order in the house, ensuring the optimal frequency of cleaning the apartment in winter – in spite of laziness and unwillingness to do dirty work.

Today we will tell you how often you need to clean your apartment in winter, and also explain why you need to follow the recommendations presented and observe a certain frequency of cleaning work in the winter.

Recommended frequency of apartment cleaning in winter

Before deciding on the frequency of the event, it is necessary to indicate the nature of the cleaning, since the duration and complexity of cleanliness directly depend on this aspect. For example, it is advisable to carry out regular dry and wet cleaning 3-4 times a week (the floors in the hallway should be washed daily). But the global cleaning of the apartment in winter should be done every 2-3 weeks. More often than in summer, but not by much. The figures given are relevant for average families of 3-4 persons.

If 1-2 people live in the room, then the frequency can be changed (in the direction of decreasing frequency). But it is better to adhere to the above rules. Compliance with the proposed schedule will allow maintaining the condition of housing at an optimal level and will positively affect the well-being of residents. Cleanliness in the apartment is the key to health. And since it is much more difficult to maintain cleanliness in winter, the need for an increased frequency of periodic cleaning of apartments is quite justified. Professional apartment cleaning here

What should be included in the periodic cleaning of apartments in winter?

The composition and order of winter cleaning are similar to the parameters of the same event held in spring, summer and autumn. The order is established according to general principles – in compliance with the “top-down” rule (first they clean the ceilings, high horizontal and vertical surfaces, then the lower surfaces, and at the very end – the floors). The selection of cleaning and detergents is also carried out in a standard way – taking into account the characteristics of the processed interior items.

Be sure to wash and wipe accessible surfaces, including the walls of furniture, household appliances, plumbing. Close attention is paid to cleaning work areas – countertops, kitchen backsplashes and other constantly used objects. The condition of the carpets is very important (they should be vacuumed every two days). An important point is regular ventilation, because in winter the air in the apartment stagnates.

Features of cleaning the apartment in winter

To increase the effectiveness of the event, we recommend that you follow a few rules:

  • Clean your hallway rug daily
  • Otherwise, a significant amount of dirt will quickly accumulate on it.
  • Wash the floors in the hallway every day
  • This applies to cleaning dust, all kinds of dirt and melt water.
  • Hold off with wet carpet cleaning
  • It is better to use dry methods (if the carpet material allows it).
  • Combine Vacuuming with Ventilation
  • The combination will help reduce the amount of dust and reduce the likelihood of condensation on the windows.
  • Do not wash an unglazed balcony with a damp cloth
  • There is a chance of frost or damage to surface materials.

A sufficient frequency of cleaning the apartment in winter will be an important step towards organizing a comfortable stay in the winter. The main thing is to competently approach the issue and do not forget to keep order in the room on a regular basis.

What to do if there is no time for self-cleaning of apartments in winter?

If for some reason it is difficult for a person to follow the above recommendations or provide the necessary frequency of cleaning apartments, then there are two options left. The first is to clean up less often, but with the utmost diligence (if possible, preventing a large amount of dirt from entering the room). This is not a bad solution if you do not make intervals of several weeks between surface cleanings. The second option is to order periodic cleaning of apartments from specialists of cleaning companies The service is paid, but cleanliness and order will reign in the house.

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