Winter Preparations: Guide to Winter Proofing Your Home


It is already halfway through fall. This means seasons are about to change in a few weeks. As winter approaches, it is time to get ready for shorter days and the freezing climate. That means it’s also time to get those winter clothes and winter boots ready.

But equally important is getting your homes ready as well. The perfect time to do it is during the Fall. That’s because these things are better done while the weather is still perfect for physical activities. It is easier to move while you are wearing jeans and sneakers. Rather than wearing boots and layers of jackets in freezing cold weather.

Your home has gone through different weather changes all year round. This makes wear and tear very possible which requires your attention. Your small preparations during the past seasons might need to double up for winter. Knowing that your home is your place of warmth and shelter, making it winter-ready is of the essence.

This article will show practical tips on how to prepare your home for the winter. Specific parts of the house that may need your attention. This will help you do some advanced preparation. So when winter comes you can just chill, literally and figuratively.

Things to Prepare At Home for Winter:

1 ] Doors and Windows

It is important to block out cold air for that much-needed warmth. Especially if you live in an older house, you need to check doors and windows to keep icy drafts from coming in. It is advised to also add storm doors and windows. And if you are using a heater, you may add some insulation to your window. This is by installing a window insulation film.

2 ] Gutters

Keeping your gutters clear during winter is very important. The pile of leaves caused by the fall may cause melting snow to trickle inside your house. Melted ice usually looks for holes and tiny openings to enter. And if it came from the gutter they usually lead to the attic or the basement. Also, this is something that is hard to do when the weather is freezing. So it is a good idea to do it while it is still Fall.

3 ] Furnace

This must be the most important part of your home during the winter. Your heating system is the only source of heat during freezing weather. This makes your home warm and comfortable. It is even important to have it double-checked by a very good professional. They need to determine if it needs a good repair or your furnace needs replacement.

You need to make sure that it is in good condition. This is also the best time to clean or replace the filter. And to check and remove debris from the vents. This should be a good winter investment for your family.

4 ] Outdoor Faucets

As simple as it sounds, but turning off the faucets in the backyard, garden and garage are often neglected. That’s because people tend to forget faucet pipes keep water. These pipes may burst and break open when the stored water gets frozen and then expands. This may cost money on a replacement, especially when you need it after the winter. The most practical thing to do is to drain your faucets and disconnect the hose as soon as signs of winter are felt.

5 ] Chimney and Fireplace

Not only because Santa Clause may enter your chimney, but you also want to feel the natural warmth of the fire during winter nights. So your chimney must be cleared and your fireplace should be in good shape too. You may do some DIY or hire a chimney sweep to do it for you. After spending a little, you may enjoy a full season of warmth right inside your home.

You also need to pay attention to emergency supplies as going out can be difficult. You don’t know when a snowstorm may happen. You can also get those snow shovels ready so your driveway can be cleared. It is also a winter hack to scatter salt over your driveway during winter. This should avoid your driveway from accumulating ice, which is dangerous when driving.

There are many other things to do to prepare for the winter. But the home that covers you and protects you and your family should be given special attention. It needs more time and a little investment. But it is something that you can enjoy for a full season, or for years to come. Winter is a season to enjoy. And being ready makes winter more fun and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

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