Here are Some of the Best Plants to Have Around Your Pool?


Plants look good as part of the pool landscape. The combination of blue pool water and green shrubs is inviting. Not all plants combine well with the swimming pool landscape. Plants should be placed at a distance from the pool. It is best to place low growing plants at a distance of 6 to 8 feet from the edge of the pool. If placed properly then plants can provide greenery and privacy to your pool area. You can place plants near the pool in garden beds or pots or containers.

Plants to be avoided near the pool.

Plants with deep roots.

Plants such as bamboo, umbrella trees and rubber trees have deep penetrating roots which will interfere with your pool plumbing system. Their roots can also damage your pool structure.

Avoid deciduous trees.

These trees shed their leaves during fall. The leaves may find their way to your pool filter. These plants will make your pool cleaning job more difficult.

Plants sensitive to chlorinated water.

Some plants like rose, jasmine and some fruit trees are sensitive to pool water. They may not be able to survive if pool water is splashed on them. You should avoid such plants.

Plants with thorns or spikes

Plants with thorns or spikes will hurt the swimmers. They are best avoided near the pool.

Plants that need dry conditions

The swimming pool area will have moisture and water splashing around. Avoid plants that need dry conditions to grow and thrive.

Plants with long branches.

Stay away from plants whose branches are likely to hang over your pool. They will drop leaves, fruits and insects into your pool.

High maintenance plants.

Plants which require regular pruning are best avoided. You do not want to add to your workload.

Now, this brings us to the question of which plants are good for the pool area?

Bushy plants.

Shrubs give your pool area plenty of privacy. Hydrangeas are a good choice for poolside plants. These shrubs produce large flowers which will give an ornate look to your pool area. There are around 70-75 species of this plant, and they are fairly easy to grow. Plant them in a place where they can get partial shade, and they will reward you with stunning flowers. Tropical Hibiscus is another fast-growing shrub which produces attractive flowers. This plant can tolerate sunlight and moisture very well. Yucca is another low maintenance, pest-resistant plant perfect for pool landscapes. Euonymus and fortnight are some other shrubs suitable to be grown in the pool area.

2. Ornamental grasses.

Ornamental grasses are a popular choice as poolside plants and with good reason. They are low maintenance and provide color and privacy to the pool area. Varieties such as zebra grass have an exotic look and blend in well with other plants in the pool area. Ornamental grasses are available in many colors like white, orange and blue.

3. Banana tree.

Banana trees blend in well with a tropical landscape. They have oversized leaves which wither naturally. You do not have to worry about leaves falling into the water. Banana trees grow very fast, and they tolerate sunlight and moisture very well. They are easy to care and maintain.

4. Palm trees.

Palm trees give a serene look to the pool area. They do not shed leaves. If your pool is in an open area then they will provide ample shade. Sago palms have a feathery foliage, and they are easy to care. Their leaves are large and you don’t have to worry about them falling into the pool due to the wind. Some palm trees can grow to massive heights. You must be careful to choose a variety which fits your pool landscape.

5. Low maintenance plants.

Plants like agave and aloe are low maintenance and tolerate sunlight very well. They don’t shed leaves. Agave can grow up to a height of five feet.

5. Pest repellents.

Some plants like mint, sage, basil and rosemary have medicinal properties, and they work well as pest repellents. These plants can be grown in containers. Plants like lavender and citronella grass will give a wonderful aroma to your pool area while driving away pests. These plants grow easily and they are low maintenance.

6. Vines.

Vines such as confederate jasmine, Carolina jessamine and fig are good choices for the pool landscape. Chilean jasmine produces fragrant flowers. Sweet potato vines grow fast, and they are easy to care. These vines can be grown in containers, plants and walls. They grow well in full sunlight.

7. Salt loving plants.

You may have wondered Can My Fibreglass Pool Be Saltwater? If you have a saltwater pool then you must select plants which can tolerate saltwater. Frequent splashing of saltwater may kill some plants. Plants such as Century Plant and Holly which are found near the ocean may be suitable for your poolside. Salt water-tolerant plants like Daylily or Blanket Flower add beautiful colored flowers to your pool area. Daylilies require full sunlight and moist soil. They produce beautiful flowers for many years with very little care.

Ideally you should combine containers and garden beds in your pool area. The containers can be moved around. Delicate plants won’t be able to grow in the pool area. This is due to the fact that this area can get very hot due to the reflection of sunlight in the water. The containers should be kept at a height to allow air circulation. There should be space in the container for air circulation. Poolside plants may require additional watering due to high heat.

Always select plants with large leaves. They are easy to clean even if they fall into the pool. If you stay in a windy area, then avoid plants with small leaves. The small leaves will easily land in the pool. The choice of plants will depend on the theme of your pool area. Adding lights in between your plants can increase their attraction. Your pool builder will be able to guide you correctly on the selection of plants.

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