Design Ideas to Make Your Home Conducive to Learning


No parent needs reminding: Kids get bored pretty easily. Whether they’re at home or in school, they need to be constantly stimulated in ways that are unique to their learning style to keep them engaged and to have their constant attention. We saw this especially in the last year and a half. Kids have had to attend their classes virtually, and endless worksheets might have bored them to death and caused them to lose motivation and inspiration.

We live in a different world, and we cannot assume that we will always enjoy the status quo. Now that we never know when our kids might have to go back to remote learning, our homes need to be an environment that’s conducive to learning. Here are some design ideas to help you achieve this.

Design a dedicated homework station or desk space for them

The idea of placing their desk space in your office may seem good since it can help foster a closer relationship between you. However, having adults around them as they study or attend virtual classes might be more of a distraction rather than an empowering situation. The same principle applies to your kitchen island—the smell of delicious food might be too distracting.

If there is enough space in their bedroom, consider having a dedicated desk space or homework station in there. When you set aside a well-designed space for their learning, you help set them up for educational success. Make sure the corner you choose is clean, relaxing, and allows for plenty of natural light. Here are some places where you can incorporate this space:

  • A desk in your child’s bedroom
  • One empty area in the living room
  • A corner in the guest bedroom 
  • Your casita or separate guest suite

Regardless of where you choose to place the homework station, make sure it is ergonomic and a space that they can grow into.

Invest in a high-quality home gym or fitness space

When your kids are cooped up at home, there’s not a lot of opportunities for them to move their bodies or channel their bursting energy into something productive. This restlessness can manifest itself in tantrums or unexplained bad moods. If you want your kids to be energized enough for studying, make sure they have their regular workouts by investing in a high-quality home gym or fitness space.

When deciding on a space, consider your kids’ hobbies and passions, especially if they already have a sport they love and excel in. Enlist the help of sports court surfacing services to help you come up with the best-designed basketball or tennis court in your yard. If your kids are into dancing, you can also have something like a barre to help them stretch and floor-to-ceiling mirrors to help them track their progress.

Consider adding a cozy reading nook

Aside from a homework station or dedicated workspace, a warm and cozy reading nook might be a wonderful place to help encourage them to grow a love for reading. We live in a time when kids cannot be separated from their gadgets, and their generation will suffer the negative consequences of this, in the same way that older generations have had to contend with the ill effects of too much exposure to the idiot box

If you have a bay window or a space near your bookshelves, consider turning it into a warm cozy nook filled with layers upon layers of throws, pillows, and blankets. Use materials that immediately evoke comfort and snuggly feelings, like knitwear and faux fur. Make sure the library is stacked with your kids’ favorite books so that they are more inclined to spend a lazy afternoon reading instead of watching Netflix.

Dedicate a space for playing

If you have enough budget, consider having a treehouse installed or a swing or two in your backyard. If you can add some structure, it’s all the better since you want it to be a place where your kids can easily grab some board games and play with their friends. Play is a crucial part of our children’s development, perhaps just as important as formal education, so invest in a space that will allow your children to have some fun throughout the day.

Studying is already hard, but you can make your home a conducive place for learning so that you can help set your child up for success. Observe their learning style, hobbies, interests, and design sense, and use what you know to design a home that will help them be the best learner they can be.

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