Can You Lay Artificial Grass on Topsoil?


Before you start your new garden project, it’s important to know a few facts about the growing popularity of artificial grass among homeowners. You can save money by installing your own turf, but it’s important to lay it properly to ensure it lasts for many years.

Can Artificial Grass Be Laid on Topsoil?

You shouldn’t put artificial grass directly on soil. Doing so will not only result in an uneven surface for your new astro turf but will also cause weeds to appear over time, creating an eyesore.

Even though you will need to add topsoil in the next layer, it is important that artificial grass be installed correctly. This will prevent your hard work from being ruined within a few weeks.

Other Solutions

Topsoil is needed for the process to lay down fake grass. However, it should not be the top layer. The structure beneath the artificial grass must be strong, so materials like aggregates and drainage rock at the top and bottom of the base will ensure a stable foundation for many years.

If you are applying astro turf to a small garden or space, it is important that you use:

  • Aggregates and rock
  • Sharp sand or silica sand
  • Topsoil
  • Weed membrane

Artificial Turf Has Many Benefits

There’s always a good reason for the sudden increase in demand for a service or product, right? The latest statistics indicate that demand for artificial grass has risen. Fake grass is a great option for your garden, whether it’s to cover sports fields, playgrounds.

Lower Maintenance

Once you’ve installed artificial grass in your garden, you won’t have as many chores on the weekends. The synthetic grass won’t need daily watering, just an occasional hose-down to remove dirt. You can even sell or give away your lawnmower since you won’t need it anymore.

Now, you don’t have to spend your weekends tending to your garden. Instead, you can enjoy it by setting up a garden picnic or playing a game of cricket with your kids.

Environmentally Friendly

A lesser-known benefit of investing in synthetic lawn is that it’s an environmentally-friendly option for your garden or backyard. Homeowners will save water because they won’t have to water their garden. They will also avoid using pesticides and fertilizers, which can be harmful to the soil.

The product is built to last. You can let your kids and dog play in the garden without worrying about wearing it out.

The fibers in synthetic grass are durable and won’t become patchy over time. Artificial grass is great for those who are allergic to natural grasses or pesticides.

If the fibers look flat, brush them or add more sand. This will ensure that the fibers remain straight. Make sure the sand is evenly distributed across the yard, especially in areas with high traffic.

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