Is a Minimalist Home as Ideal as It Sounds?


You may or may not have heard about people trying to create their homes more “minimalist.” But it has since spread in the last few years of the past decade. It became a trend that has worshiped the idea of “less is more” and shunned the idea of having more than what you need.

Looking at the neat rooms of minimalist houses can be enticing for some curious about this type of arrangement. But is minimalism as good as they say it is? Or is it just something that’s better said than done?

Before we put a verdict on minimalism’s value in our home lives, it is only fair to fully know what it is and how it impacts the lives of those who practice it.

Minimalism: What Is It Exactly?

Minimalism in design is characterized by simplicity. It tries to employ fewer materials and colors and uses simple shapes and forms. This is minimalism by definition. When applied to home living, minimalism is more than just the design of a house.

Less Is More

When you employ the definition of minimalism in one’s home, it can mean having fewer things around the house. To have a minimalist house, one has to only have the things they absolutely need and avoid acquiring other objects that have no practical use.

This is not entirely a bad thing. Having fewer things in your house gives you the ability to arrange your house better. It can even help you avoid hoarding too many things that you do not even use.

Fewer objects inside your home can also help you avoid clutter from accumulating inside your house. Less clutter has posed several mental health benefits, such as better focus and a higher sense of control.

Better mental health may also translate into physical health. Apart from that, less clutter inside your houses may also help you avoid allergies and the complications that may happen because of them, such as asthma and other lung problems.

Less Stuff, More Savings

When one integrates the idea of minimalism into their life, it often leaks into other aspects of their lifestyle. With the adoption of less stuff in the house, it is logical to expect that one will buy fewer things for their houses.

This habit of acquiring fewer things can help people avoid unnecessary purchases that can help them save money.


Of course, it would not be a conversation about minimalism if space is not mentioned. This often means the improved livable space inside the house.

Again, fewer objects inside your home mean less furniture and appliances taking up your floor space. This gives you more space to occupy and can allow you to do more activities that need space indoors.

With all that being mentioned, adopting this type of lifestyle seems like a wise decision to make. But is doing it as easy as it sounds?

A Few Setbacks

Making your home as minimalist as it can be is not the easiest thing to achieve. Not only does it require determination, but it also needs good emotional strength.

A minimalist house does not only mean you should avoid adding unnecessary objects into your home. It also means throwing out the things that you already own but do need or use.

This can be hard to do, especially for those who assign sentimental value to some objects they own. It can be an emotional trip having to discard these objects.

With that, those who want to have a minimalist home should be mentally strong. Strong enough to discard things that they do need for their betterment.

Apart from the possible mental strain that it can bring, let’s not forget that cleaning out your house takes time and effort. Besides being mentally strong, you also have to commit to it and set aside time to do it.

There is also the question about the longevity of living this life. How long can you stop yourself from buying the stuff you want but don’t need? With that, it is important to have discipline before trying to adopt this lifestyle.

Is It As Good As They Say It Is?

If you are willing to go through the trials of transitioning to this lifestyle, yes, it can be as good as they say it is. It is a lifestyle that can bring positive changes to your life.

If you desire to live this life but feel like it is too much to do in your current home, there is always the option to find a better space for you to apply this. You can find financiers for loans and can even apply for an FHA house loan.

At the end of the day, the best lifestyle you can live is the one you enjoy. If you feel like going minimalist can help you enjoy your life better, it is worth exploring.

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