Why Alumi Center is the Preferred Source of Patio Cover Kits in Florida


If you’re looking for patio cover kits and you live in Florida, AlumiCenter is your best source. If you’re looking for diy patio covers you can set up easily, AlumiCenter is your best option, no matter where you live or the size of your project.

Why Choose a Patio Cover Kit?

Patio cover kits provide everything you need to get your patio covered. They come with insulation, so there’s less hassle for you to deal with on your home improvement projects. If you live in South Florida, you can get AlumiCenter to install any of their patio cover kits for you. If you live elsewhere, you can have diy patio covers delivered to you.

Why Choose AlumiCenter?

AlumiCenter offers local delivery of any of their patio kits to any location in Florida, as well as freight shipping nationwide. Their kits can be designed to match with your current roof, are perfect for any new or existing structures, and keep the sun and weather off so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces. With insulated panels that feature a high-density polystyrene core, you can be sure the kit you choose will meet local building codes. They offer support during installation, and can help connect you with engineers if you need a building permit. Their website also offers videos that show how to install their kits so you aren’t lost if this is your first project.

What options are available for kits?

Not only can you order in any length you need for your project, you also have plenty of customization options in the DIY kits. You can select your roof color, fan beams so you can hang outdoor fans, skylights, and upgraded columns to make your new patio truly yours. If you want a traditional look, or a more modern one, there are options available for you.

What about pricing?

Pricing is quick and easy with an easy online quote so you can price out your project easily. Just have your measurements handy and you can get your price in minutes. If you are a sub-contractor, there are options for a flat fee based on square footage. Look into this if your will be installing plenty of patios during the busy season.

Will I need a permit?

You may, depending on your local rules and regulations. Be sure to call in and ask before beginning any project on your property. AlumiCenter can help by connecting you with an engineer who can draft the plans you’ll need easily. Remember, never put up anything without checking your building codes and permits first. This article can help you determine if you need a permit, but always check in.

Remember, a patio cover doesn’t have to be a stressful addition, so long as you pick a good source to get your kit from, and a reliable installer. Do it yourself to save money, or even get it installed by AlumiCenter if you live in South Florida.

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