Start living in a whole new light with Velux Skylights


Whenever we think of renovating our homes, the priority is always set on the theme of interiors or revamping of the décor. There are several amazing ways in which you can alter the look of your home. Most people spend a huge amount of money on colour pallets, styles of furnishings or structural changes. Often overlooked is the aspect of natural lighting. If you are in the same boat, you are doing it at your own risk as well-planned lighting can often make or break the beauty of your home. That’s where the concept of skylights shines in.

There are certainly many added benefits that come along with skylights, their use, particularly for living spaces, is all about getting the best possible look. The warm hues should ideally radiate with brilliance and make the place inviting for all those who walk in.

Velux Skylights has been adding magic to many houses in Melbourne, Australia with their unmatched range of skylights. Not only do they guarantee the highest quality and faultless performance of a lifetime, but they are also very cost-effective. Having passed every Australian test, including a hail test which no other glass skylight has passed, Velux Skylights are undoubtedly the most preferred choice all across Australia.

Skylights obviously offer natural ventilation that lights up the dark corners without having to depend on conventional power sources and lighting fixtures. They are also great for regulating internal temperature of a structure in a natural fashion and all this helps in cutting down energy bills. They come in all variations as per the requirement.

The Best Quality & Affordable Velux Skylights are available in:

  • Manual Openable Skylights
    Highly popular among all skylights, they are to be operated manually and provide the best of comfort and natural ventilation.
  • Solar/ Electric powered Openable Skylights
    Just like the manually openable skylights in terms of functionality, these skylights have the added convenience of remote control and built-in sensors.
  • Flat Roof Skylights
    Equipped with the high-performance laminated glazing unit and an all-metal exterior frame, they provide an optimum daylight solution by effectively blocking heat built-up and the harsh ultraviolet rays. Available in fixed, manual opening and solar-powered opening options.
  • Fixed Skylights
    Helpful in well-ventilated areas like the washroom where a ceiling based fixed skylight works very much to the advantage.
  • Openable Roof Windows
    Optimum for attic spaces which can be opened as needed thus well-suited for perfect loft living. It easily converts the least used space to the most favourite hangout for kids as well as adults.
  • Sun Tunnels
    Suited preferably to small spaces like corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and cupboards.
  • Skylight Blinds
    They not only provide shade but also reduce heat considerably. Velux Skylights offers a wide range of Blinds for Fixed/ Openable/ Roof/ Flat Roof Windows. Make your own pick.

All Velux Skylights are double glazed, Argon gas filled and Low E3 coated for added strength and safety.

Benefits of High-Performance Double Glazing:

  • Radiant heat block is 80% for a complete window and 75% for only the glass
  • 99% Blockage of UV rays
  • Noise reduction up to 32 decibels
  • 5 Stars WERS rating
  • Double layer of Low-E3 coating
  • 10 years of warranty on insulated glass seal
  • Reduced cleaning frequency

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