How Difficult is it to Install Block Paving?


We’ve all seen a few stunning examples of driveways and terraces that have been constructed using block paving, and if you would like to install a driveway or terrace at home, it isn’t that difficult to do. The secret lies in the ground preparation, which needs to be deep enough to create a firm foundation using a layer of hard core, which should then be compressed.

  • Installing the Blocks – Working methodically, you should start at a top corner and work backwards, installing one row at a time, and each block should be butted up tight against the next one, and using a rubber mallet, you can gently tap the blocks down until they are at the required level.
  • Edging Stones– These are installed after all the blocks are firmly in place, along with any steps that are incorporated into the design, and if you are building small retaining walls for your flower beds, this can also be done now.

The whole project might take two or three days, depending on the area to be covered, and with all your materials supplied by a local paving supplier, you should be able to complete the project over a long weekend. Remember to hire a skip to take away to soil you removed, and after a good clean up, you can sit and relax while admiring your work.

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