Strategic Tips on Designing a Welcoming Guest Room


Having a beautiful and warm guest room has so many benefits. You can have an extra room for relatives who are coming to visit, eliminating the need for them to book a hotel room for the duration of their stay. Your kids’ friends would have a room to themselves should they come over for sleepovers. A guest room, and even a guest house, can increase the value of your property. 

Now that the world might be opening up again soon, it’s time to look for and buy a home that has a guest room and spruce it up for when you’re ready to invite guests again. Here are some tips for making it as warm and welcoming as possible.

The devil is in the details

The key to styling and decorating a welcoming guest room is to pay attention to details. Here are some minute details you need to remember while designing the room:

  • Simple is best, less is more. Think of it like designing an Airbnb: You want your guest to feel at home in it, and a more generic but well-designed space might help them feel more like themselves, as opposed to adding overly personal decorative elements that speak more to your style and personality. Many of us fall into the trap of believing that a well-designed room must be a sensory overload or must have a wow factor, but that’s not always the case. 
  • To make the room as simple as possible without sacrificing style and elegance, choose a focal point upon which every other design decision will be made. The focal point can be a fireplace, a screen, or a piece of art, and it should be the room’s “biggest” or most eye-catching feature. After you’ve identified the focal point of the room, bring attention to it by using subtle layers to point to it.
  • While designing the guest room, the goal should be that every person who enters it will think of the words “simple,” “clean,” “well-thought-out.”

Incorporate flexible seating areas

When it comes to styling and designing guest areas, the rule of thumb is to always incorporate as many seats as the space will allow. This is because we’re coming from the assumption that having guests will always include more than one or two people; that you might have to deal with a situation in which you would have to be hosting multiple people at once. But at the same time, ensuring that your space has ample seating doesn’t mean you have to completely crowd the room.

You can opt for flexible seating like poufs and ottomans to provide you and your guests the option to get rid of those extra seats as the need arises. Moreover, flexible seating is not just functional; it can also add texture and interest to your space, so it’s a win-win for both aesthetics and purpose.

Layers are your friend

If you truly want to add warmth to your space, layers are your friend. Think about it: We bundle up during winter when we want to feel warm. We use thick coats, fluffy scarves, knitwear, gloves, and more layers. The same is true for our living spaces. If we want to evoke the feeling of coziness and intimacy, well-placed layers can help achieve that goal.

Here are some layers you need to add to your guest room to make it look and feel like a warm embrace:

  • Area rugs can automatically add texture and interest to the guest room. Add an area rug under a statement chair or an ottoman, or beside the bed to soften the floor for when the guest puts their feet down.
  • Multiple pillows and throws of different sizes are not just a win for function but also optics. As a design tool, they can immediately make any room sing. Opt for statement throws and pillows to add texture and interesting layers to the room.
  • Blankets are also another design tool that can automatically make any room feel cozier. Opt for ones that look like man-made materials like knitwear.
  • Trays of different but complementary styles, shapes, and sizes are also the guest room’s best friend. They will be helpful for your guests so that they have spaces to place their small valuables and knickknacks in.

Investing in a guest room is not just good for your guests; it’s good for your home as well. It will add value to your residential property, and you would also have an extra space to escape in. Style your guestroom well and make your visitors never want to leave again.

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