Using Wall Colors As Space Enhancers


If you live in a small apartment, you know just how difficult even partial renovations can get: with everything crammed tight into place, any unwarranted hardware addition or item relocation can completely ruin the well put-together look or leave you screaming on the inside for a few inches more of storage space.

But that is not the only problem with tiny homes: some colors, or their combinations, can visually diminish the living area further, which is why people who dwell in mini-flats should not throw on random wall paints. But how do you know which tone will render the most flattering effect for your diminutive flat? Fret not – we have a few tips here to help you pick the right paint number that will visually expand your living space.

A Tone That Makes All the Difference

The color of the walls and ceilings matters so much because these surfaces take up most space in any home, which makes their tonal scheme all the more important in tiny flats. To achieve an airy, pleasant ambiance in a small room, pick neutral tones for walls and ceiling: unlike solid or bright colors, light shades reflect light which translates a roomier feel in even tiniest of homes. For maximum sense of spaciousness, you should also consider using a bright or muted-color rug.

Fifty Shades of White

Although white is one of the best shades to use for walls and ceilings in tight homes, it can create a sterile or cold feel, tell us Sydney-based providers of painting services. That is why you may want to introduce a touch of color to the rooms by adding a small portion of light blue, orange or yellow colorant to the paint bucket and redoing each room in a different hue. Another trick to visually expand your home, painting the ceiling in a creamy tone will additionally liven up the room.

Coloring outside the Lines

When it comes to wall paint, some rules are not meant to be observed too rigidly: for instance, the classic two-tone scheme often featured in home design magazines may prove dull in the long run, so you can break the pattern and bring in a dash of vibrancy by using other colors as accents. On top of adding visual interest to the room, tertiary tones will warm up the atmosphere and make your small home feel cozy and tucked in.

Choose Carefully and in Tune with Light

Wise people say that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. This is especially true of colors: with different illumination, the same wall paint may appear as either darker or brighter, depending on the intensity and type of light. To make sure you have chosen the ideal tone for your walls, test the paint on one wall and see how it looks during different periods of day. If you do not like what you see, it will be easier to repaint one wall than the entire room.

If you feel pressed for space in your home, perhaps it is time for a change. Until you save up enough money to get a roomier place, consider repainting your tiny flat. Colors have a major impact on both home décor and human mood, so pick up the brush and grab a bucket of paint – perhaps a fresh wall number is all your place needs to begin to feel like a cozy home again.

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