We are a Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service Provider


Restaurant kitchen staff needs a relaxed, safer and clean working environment. To provide your restaurant staff with the safer working environment, you need thorough and regular kitchen exhaust systems maintenance and cleaning. Besides, cleaning the kitchen vent hood system and exhaust duct are the most reliable ways to avoid fire breakouts in the restaurant kitchen.

According to recent discoveries, restaurant fires begin from the kitchen cooking appliances surface before spreading into the kitchen’s exhaust hood. As such, maintenance of the restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system greases out and evacuates smoke out of the building producing a comfortable and a safer kitchen working environment for the team of chefs. It is very crucial to ensure that any kitchen exhaust system is cleaned by certified, qualified, and fully trained professionals. We are certified restaurant hood cleaning agency ready to help you create a secure and safe kitchen working environment for your staff. Read on below to find out the range of services that we also present.

We offer emergency Response. Since kitchen exhaust duct system and vent hood emergencies don’t just happen during daytime trading hours, our agency has fully operational field supervisors ready to embark on all contingencies. We can fix all sorts of kitchen hood problems including filtration failures, fan motor replacement, electrical issues, and the fan belts. Our agency knows the importance that kitchen exhaust hoods have in keeping kitchen clear of smoke and cold. As such, we have an attitude to fix first and efficiently.

Our agency’s supervisors also take all measures to restore your system back to normalcy quickly. At our organization, we also use leading industry and time-tested techniques to clean the whole kitchen exhaust system from bottom to top hence leaving your kitchen spotless.

Our cleaning procedure starts with system analysis to identify the most appropriate cleaning methods that’ll protect the building equipment and occupants. For instance, we utilize protective plastic sheets to cover all exposed surface. We also seal every access point and examine your kitchen’s systems’ performance. After the whole process has been completed, our technicians remove every protective cover that was used.

We also provide photo documentation for each project before and after system condition to guarantee you that all places were appropriately serviced.

We also provide extra sanitation testing. Here, our customers are provided with access to our company customer portal system. The portal is fully functional for daily customer access to schedule and access photo documentation.

Besides photo documentation of every service performed, our agency presents additional services at no extra cost. For instance, after cleaning up your restaurant exhaust system, our field managers also check for balance and belts issues. Our field supervisors will also supply your building with a full exhaust system review for your reference use.

Our agency guarantees you that each service performed is satisfactory to the local municipal regulations. For rare occasions where the standards are not met, our company takes full responsibility for the penalties or fines. So, the next time you realize that your kitchen’s exhaust system is making the kitchen staffs feel uncomfortable, just call us early to schedule your appointment.

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