The Best Paint Colors You Haven’t Tried Yet


It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and explore the full spectrum of colors that paint has to offer. Instead of sticking to the mundane and expected shades of the past, look to the future and see which shades have emerged. Why should the decor be the star of your space? Look to fresh paint colors to liven up your space and draw attention to your creativity instead of fading to the background.

Our apartment interior designers love these shades because they’re accessible—many are subdued enough that they can fit in a myriad of different homes and won’t scare off your guests—but at the same time, they’re somewhat daring, and are unexpected upon first glance. If you’re looking for a new shade to introduce to your home, you’re in luck. So if you’re thinking of repainting, take a look at these shades and see which might suit your home.

Forest Green

While green isn’t always everyone’s first color choice, forest green brings an untouchable chic that our interior designers can’t deny. Dark and moody, forest green brings a relaxation that doesn’t lose its charm or feel stale. Dark colors can be difficult to work with because of the way they absorb light, but this one provides an enveloping opulence. Paired with dark woods and brass finishes, this shade can be the shade your kitchen or living room has been missing.


Looking to brighten up your space with a vibrant punch of color? Mustard might be the perfect shade. While we normally wouldn’t recommend a true yellow, mustard has a unique tint that makes it all the more stylish, being prominently featured in fashion and decor alike. With a shade like this, don’t be afraid to go bold with your furniture as well.

Grey Green

A more subtle and soothing color, this grey green hybrid will provide you with a shade that acts as an elevated neutral. Grey green oozes relaxation without feeling too cold, instead reminding us of a comforting shady spot. It can also act as a gender-neutral shade for those that don’t want to sway in an overly masculine or feminine direction with their choice in paint color. Because it has a neutral base, you’ll have no problem finding a fitting color palette to fill out the rest of your room.

Soft Apricot

For a more feminine touch, look to a soft apricot shade to bring warmth and beauty to your space. This blend of orange and pink tones is grounded in earthy tones, and has an authentic feel about it. The warm shade is perfect for a bedroom, and can provide the ultimate comfort to the space you lay your head every night. Pair it with other earthy and golden-tinted tones to create a space that emanates warmth.


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