How to Create an Accessible Bathroom in your Home


You might be wondering what an accessible bathroom is, and you wouldn’t be alone. An accessible bathroom is one that has been altered to better accommodate a person with disabilities. The term “accessible bathroom” is much preferred to “disabled bathroom”, as a bathroom cannot be disabled, and with a few amendments, you can make any bathroom an accessible one,

  • Non-Slip Flooring –One of the most dangerous factors for a disabled person using the bathroom is slipping on a wet floor, so for that reason, a special non-slip floor can be installed. It can be a challenge for an able-bodied person to negotiate a wet bathroom floor, let alone someone with mobility issues.
  • Installing Handrails – This is an essential addition, as people with disabilities require a solid anchor point to either raise or lower themselves, and the handrails would be fitted in the right locations for convenient use.
  • Walk in Showers and Baths– These can be designed and built by a specialist firm with expert disabled access adaptations in Bristol, and they are able to design the accessible bathroom to perfectly suit the occupant.

There is a lot that can be modified in a bathroom to make it more accessible for people with mobility issues, and by talking to a specialist company who have a wealth of experience, it is possible to make like mush easier and safer for disabled people.

Give them a call today and change your life for the better.

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