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You may think that it is not important to know how to get bed bugs that you just need to know how to get rid of bed bugs. But knowing why you suddenly have bed bugs is the most important thing to know.

Bed bugs go everywhere, with everyone

Bed bugs don’t care who they travel with and where they go. Age, gender, a clean bed, a dirty bedroom, a room with just a bed, or a full messy room, your house, a hotel, it’s all the same for them. Each room offers them an opportunity to hide and if someone regularly sleeps, they can often have a tasty blood meal. The best vinyl floor cleaner can be used there.

Bedbugs go everywhere Hotels

It is now well known that hotels and other locations where you can spend the night, such as B&B and hostels, are a place where you can find bed bugs. If you suddenly find bed bugs at home, you often have recently slept in a hotel where they suffer from bed bugs. You have taken the bedbugs home via your suitcase.

View the reviews of a hotel

On the internet you can find reviews of most hotels. These sites can help you choose the right hotel for your vacation or city trip. If a hotel has bed bugs, you will often find this on these sites. Always check the date of the review, sometimes it is years old and the hotel has had bed bugs professionally treated for a long time.

Check your hotel room for bed bugs

It is very important to know how to recognize bed bugs. You can always perform an inspection in hotels to find out if your hotel room is contaminated with bed bugs. It still remains difficult, but you may come across one of the signs of bed bugs and you can prevent bed bugs in your own home.

Second-hand and vintage furniture

Did you know that bedbugs could also have been hidden in second-hand furniture? Most people will not realize this when purchasing a beautiful vintage piece of furniture.

  • Always inspect a second-hand bed or mattress for signs of bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are not only in beds, but also carpets, chairs and couches can be contaminated with bed bugs.
  • And even check a cupboard or bedside table for bed bugs. They can sit anywhere.


You might never have thought of this, but bed bugs were also found and fought in trains, subways and planes. There is little to be found about what the situation is now, once in a while someone looks for publicity.

How do bedbugs spread?

Many parasites stay on their host, bed bugs are different. They feed on your blood and then retreat to a shelter. So if they don’t move through yourself, how do they move?And there are several ways in which bedbugs move from one room to another or from the hotel room to your house.

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