Insurance: Something Important For Your Roof Too


Just as you might want to purchase insurance for your new car, you also want to consider insuring your roof in case there is a disaster resulting from heavy wind or wild fire. Before you set out to insure your home, you would want to first find out whether or not roof repairs are covered in the agreement. In some cases, repairs to the roof will only be considered in the case of a wild fire or hail and not minor repairs and maintenance.

Home owners insurance helps to cover damages arising from natural disasters and not when it was within your control.

Why It Is Important to Maintain Your Roof

You most likely won’t have to need insurance cover if you take proper care of your roof. Routine checks on flashings, ventilations and gutters helps to reduce damages to these sections of the roof. After a heavy storm, you would need to check inside and outside the roof to make sure there is no damage or leakages. In the event that you notice any minor problems, it is best you fix them immediately to avoid further damage. It is best to leave repairs to experts if you do not have experience climbing ladders or are scared of height.

Factors That Determine the Extent of Coverage

Before repairs to your roof would be carried out by your home owners insurance they would have to check and investigate the roof to decide on the extent of cover. Some of the determining factors include

  • The age of the building and roof

If your roof is less than 10 years old, chances are that it would still be in a good condition whereas if your roof is over 15 years old, then your coverage might be reduced or cancelled.

  • Nature of material used

Roofs made from Eco-friendly materials such as slate may not be covered in some policies. You want to make sure you check the extent of cover so you know what to expect.

  • Nature of damage

Damages resulting from natural disasters such as hail, tornado, hurricane and storms are usually covered in your insurance policy. On the other hand, damages that are caused by occupants are not covered.

Finding the Right Insurance Policy

Depending on your area, there are number of home insurance companies that offer coverage for repairs to your home and roof in the case of an accident. You would want to ensure you go through the policy to understand what repairs are covered in the policy and also the maximum amount that can be paid in the case of a disaster. Some policies exclude hail and windstorm in their coverage, so you want to double check so as not to miss out on anything. It’s always best to ask questions in areas where you do not understand, so as you could make a decision on which to settle for.

It is important to note that even though you are covered by home insurance, it is best that you conduct routine inspection twice a year on the roof to carry out maintenance where necessary.

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