Moving From Place to Place: Leading a Transient Lifestyle


In this millennium, it might be strange to learn that there are people who lead a nomadic lifestyle. While this is no entirely a fault of theirs or the society, some individuals just prefer to live without a permanent home address.

Someone who leads a transient lifestyle can’t be considered as homeless. A homeless person is someone who lost their home as a result of a tragedy such as job loss, illness or fire outbreak. On the other hand, a nomad is someone who moves from place to place.

Living as a Nomad

It is a common sight nowadays to see people moving about with backpacks and mini luggages. This is common with people who live transiently. They find temporary jobs wherever they go to take care of food and accommodation until they are ready to hit the road again, with movers or without. You won’t need to pack much if you are a nomad, a bag pack or luggage is all you will need to keep your clothes, shoes and computer and camera.

People who lead this kind of lifestyle more than often do not have kids. It is difficult to move about all the time with kids. They also do not have any furniture or kitchen wares since they rarely cook their meals and eat outside.

The only important gadgets you will most likely need are a laptop computer, a camera and a mobile phone. They will also require credit cards to make payments. No matter where you are, you will certainly find a comfortable place to spend the night or a few nights. Motels and short lets are available at a cheap price that offers basic accommodation necessities such as a bed, mirror, bathroom and also a socket extension to charge your computer and phone.

Problems with Living Transiently

While you get to see different places and learn about different cultures, there is a lot of downside to moving from place to place. One of such is that it is difficult to maintain a steady job which can make your resume look out of place.

Also, people are quick to take you for a lost soul when you do not have a permanent house address. It is also difficult to maintain a steady relationship with people if you are never in one place for a while. Worst off, is that it can be almost impossible to be in a romantic relationship unless you have a partner who also loves to move about with you.

How to Narrow the Gap

In general, life as a nomad can be lonely, but there are ways you can make it interesting. You can make attempts to socialize and maintain close relationships with the locals at your present location. You also want to ensure that you do well to contribute to society. Your health is also important which is why you need to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While you certainly don’t need a lot of friends, it is important that you maintain a close relationship with friends or family.

You can choose to FaceTime of Skype with your siblings and parents regularly and also send the gifts. You can also consider getting a pet for company if you are comfortable with taking care of it and don’t find it difficult to move with one.

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