How to Pick the Right Bedroom Furniture


Bedroom furniture is one of the most important things in a home, if only because you spend a third of your life (at least) in your bedroom! To get the right combination, it’s important to answer at least a few pivotal questions before even heading into a store. So if you’re looking for Calgary furniture stores, consider the following before doing anything else.

Location, Location, Location 

Knowing where everything goes in a bedroom is usually the first things to tackle. The key is to keep the inhabitant in mind to get the best utility from every piece you choose at Calgary furniture stores. A 10-year old child is going to have very different needs than a 5-year old child, so the furniture needs to reflect each person’s personality as well as their abilities. You should also consider scale before deciding on your pieces. A large bedroom with too much unused space will look odd or even unwelcoming. Similarly, you don’t want to crowd a small space with a huge dresser or canopy bed. You don’t have to be a master in feng shui to get the right arrangement, but you should be aware that how a room looks can affect the way the inhabitant feels about themselves.

Budget Worries 

If you don’t have a lot of cash on hand right now, you may want to consider buying one quality piece of furniture (e.g., a bed) before shelling out any more money. It’s perfectly acceptable to skimp a little on children’s furniture, but it’s important to remember that cheap pieces may fall apart faster than you think. It may even pose a safety hazard for kids if the wood starts to splinter or if the edges are too hard. A poor mattress, for example, can start to have adverse effects on posture and health even at a young age. Furniture of inferior quality will usually come back to haunt you — even if you don’t plan to have it for very long. You may not need to spring for two pure maple nightstands for the master bedroom, but you will need to have two nightstands to ensure comfort for everyone.


When searching Calgary furniture stores, make sure that you’ve agreed on a decor choice before going anywhere. From classic to contemporary, there are so many options for the buyer and deciding while on-the-go can be more than overwhelming. The goal isn’t to match everything in the room together — this has a tendency to make the room appear boring. Pick pieces that fit your overall vision that won’t clash with each other. Consulting with a knowledgeable salesperson can help you narrow the choices to find the right ones!

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