Creative Ideas to transform your garden for your children


The spring and the summer are not too far away and children will not miss the chance to go and play in the garden. This can give you an ideal opportunity to reorganize the yard of your house so your children have the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine.

There are countless things you can do to turn your garden into an endless playground for both young and old ones. Let’s see some of those.

  1. Tents

I always liked to hide under the table and make a small shelter there by putting linen around. Place some kids’ tents in the corner of your yard and make them their own shelter. I’m sure your kids will love this idea and they will not miss an opportunity to hide there.

  1. A beach in your garden

All the kids love playing in the sand. If you are lucky and you spend all your summer next to the beach, then it’s ok. But if you aren’t, why don’t you try bringing a piece of the beach back home? Mark the area where you can put the sand and if you have enough space, you can add a small children’s pool. It’s a great opportunity for the whole family to spend some pleasant hours together.

  1. Chalk walls

If you are tired of seeing paintings on the walls of your house, then there is a way to let your children’s creativity come out. Buy a blackboard and create a corner in the garden into their art area so your little ones can draw there comfortably.

  1. Swing

What was the first game you were going to when you reached the playground? The swings are adored by any kid in the world. So why don’t you make one or more in your garden? Apart from the children, you will also have time to move around and remember your childhood!

  1. Climbing wall

A climbing wall is a great game for all the members of the family. In addition to enjoying your time, you can work out at the same time. Well, of course, you should put a layer underneath to avoid accidents.

  1. Music fence

If your kids like music and love to discover new sounds, then you can make a music fence. You will need a fence, or a few nails on the wall, and any item that makes sounds when you hit it. You can use musical instruments, but also old objects such as pots, pans, and anything else you find in the storehouse of the house.

  1. Have fun with bubbles

Bubbles are the favorite occupation of many children. For even more fun, use a small plastic swimming pool and a lot of soap in order to make some great and unique bubbles that will appeal to the kids.

  1. Twister in the garden

The Twister is a game that promises a lot of laughter and fun. Use a little spray paint and make a Twister in the back yard of your house. All you have to do is paint the grass or cement in your yard and enjoy the game.

  1. Make a special area where children will plant

Leave an area in your garden as the place where your children can plant their own flowers and plants. In this way you will include them in gardening and courtyard care. Choose plants that grow fast to avoid losing interest.

  1. Make an art studio

If you have rails in your yard, then you can put paper and hang a few cups of paint on it. Let your children create and enjoy the summer days

  1. Reading corner

Maybe my favorite one. You do not need to force your kids reading in their room. You can instead , convert an area in a corner of the garden, placing fluffy chairs and wall lamps so as they don’t have a problem when the night falls and be sure that they will not leave their favorite book.

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