When Might I need an Emergency Roofer?


If you are new to home ownership, there is much to learn about building maintenance, and the roof is a critical component, as it protects the building from the harsh UK climate. Regular roof inspections are advised, especially after a heavy storm, and with that in mind, here are a few scenarios when you might need to call out an emergency roofer.

  • Missing Roof Tiles – Even a single missing tile requires immediate replacement, and with affordable emergency roofing service in Stoke, they can replace the missing tile(s) promptly and inspect the roof while they are there. Under the roof tiles is a layer of timber, typically plywood, and a few days of rain is all it takes to damage the roof interior.
  • Damaged Guttering– This could be the result of a fallen branch, and should the guttering become unusable, this will send water cascading down the exterior walls, and you most certainly want to avoid this if possible.
  • Tree Damage– Any overhanging tree branches could end up damaging the roof, and if this should happen, leaving it for another day is simply not an option. The worst-case scenario would be if a mature tree fell onto the roof, and this could cause very extensive damage, which would require immediate attention. The emergency roofer would first lay tarpaulin to protect the interior, then would replace any timber joists or rafters, and finally replacing the roof tiles.

Regular roof inspections will reduce the risk of serious damage, and you should ask your local roofing company to inspect the roof at least once a year, just to be on the safe side.

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